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Support Responsible Land Use in Trade Lake, Wi

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Please sign this petition to oppose the 7500 Hog Farm proposal on property located one mile east of 87 on Hwy 48 in Trade Lake, Wi. Currently there are no large-scale hog farms residing in Burnett County, Wi. The WDNR and Burnett County will consider this proposal sometime in 2019 which makes this request of you very urgent.

What's Happening:

Suidae Health and Production Company is in negotiations for 36 acres of land residing in the Town of Trade Lake, Wisconsin. The property is to be used for a large-scale hog farm that will house upwards of 7500 hogs at any given time.  

Locating specific information on the proposal has been very difficult but here's what we know:

  • The site will contain several barns to birth and house baby pigs
  • The pigs will grow to 3 weeks and will then be moved to another facility
  • Once the pigs have been removed the birthing of new pigs will take place and so on

We believe there are way too many unknowns in the area of water and air quality for this facility to be located so close to neighbors and the expansive water ways that make up Trade Lake, Wi. The Canute Creek Flowage is only 2 miles west of the property which connects directly into the Trade River and eventually flows into the St. Croix River. 

  • How will the odor of this facility be contained?
  • What are the ground water ramifications?
  • How will it affect the every-day lives of neighbors within a 5 mile radius including 4 lakes containing 300+ lake shore homes?

The Trade Lake website shows the following:

The Town of Trade Lake remains a beautiful land of sparkling lakes and streams, woods and meadows. Colorful in autumn with all the maple trees and beautiful in spring with the wildflowers. Trade Lake is still a place of beauty and full of rural charm.  

Trade Lake boasts an abundance of wildlife and numerous species of birds and fowl. Fishing is good in both summer and winter. Fish species include bass, sunfish, perch, crappies, walleye, northern and muskies. Hunting opportunities include large game, small game and fowl.  <>

Let's work to keep it that way…

Letter to Wisconsin DNR and Burnett County Board

WDNR and Burnett County Board

We, the undersigned, respectfully request the Wisconsin DNR and the Burnett County Board oppose the current application from Suidae Health and Production to build a Hog Farm within the Town of Trade Lake, Wi.

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