Bring Joe Crain back to WICS

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As many of you know, we have a real code red situation. Our beloved weatherman, Joe Crain, was fired from WICS after the newcast Wednesday for explaining the ridiculousness of the coporate initiative for using code red to alert about storm warnings. We have voiced our opinions, and it is clear the only person listening was Joe! No one is a fan of your code red initiative and many businesses in Springfield have even joined in by making a mockery of it on their signs. When picking a news source we want one that is trustworthy and honest. By firing Joe and trying to hide the fact , it is clear Sinclair Broadcasting Group cannot be trusted! Join me in protesting this station by unliking their WICS Abc Newchannel 20 page and choosing a more reliable source in central Ilinois such as WCIA. We shall not rest until Joe is reinstated! The 217 has spoken, your move Sinclair Broadcasting Group.