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We want CBS NY to retract the lies from their Nov 18th 2013 story on Kratom and to do an unbiased story.

It is important a fair story on Kratom is done because many people depend on Kratom for their natural treatments ranging from Cancer to Chronic pain, ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Diabetes, and High Blood pressure (to name a few) .  The Story that ran on Nov 18th 2013  was full of lies and innacuracies about Kratom.

Media and News Stations have a great deal of influence, and to present this healing plant  the way it was presented on Nov 18 is irresponsible and reckless. This demonizing of kratom in this news story was based on hearsay and testimonials from a few individuals, when in fact there are thousands of people who benefit from this plant. Why not present the stories of individuals that benefit from Kratom along those that have bad things to say about it.  Isn't that unbiased reporting?

Fact: Kratom has been around for thousands of years without a single death attributed to its use. Where as ibuprophin and tylenol are responsible for hundreds of deaths a year. Logically to call Kratom dangerous by comparison is irrational and untrue

The November 18th CBS New York Story is an example of Yellow Journalisim, full of innacuracies, exagerations and sensationalisim.  By signing this petition you are not only asking for an honest report on Kratom, but you are also asking for balanced news reporting.  By signing this petition you are supporting the idea of real news, that you want to your news agency to present unbiased FACTS and not fed sensationalist reporting. You are saying that you want to be able to make your own decisions by being presented with the truth.

We know that the media has alot of influence, and to present propoganda without properly doing research is irresponsible reporting. We don't want yellow journalisim. We do not want our news agencies creating sensationalisim and exageration for attention.  We should not be presented propoganda for the sake of their ratings.

We have a voice and  we must demonstrate to the news media, in particular CBS New York, that we are intelligent beings, and cannot be fooled by lazy, perjoriative, yellow news reporting .

Thus by signing this petition not only do we demand a fair news story on Kratom, but that we also hold reporters and the news media accountable to provide truthful balanced news.

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