Dear WB: please fix the glitches in our beloved game and make GOTC great again!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!

It has been the Umpteenth day of a glitchy Game of Thrones Conquest game.

People can't get in game, it takes forever to load, game is failing to sync or the loveliest of all; an unknown error has occurred.
Messages don't get in, notices don't arrive and reports are empty. Shields don't work and someone looses all troops. We can't craft gear or receive gifts. If you have restarted the game 6 times in 30 minutes, it just isn't fun..

By this time, it looks like WB just doesn't care anymore. A new feature will arrive tomorrow, (to make us stop complaining?) but the latest issues haven't even been resolved yet. Sending in bug reports doesn't seem to help at all.

We from The Daily Raven community think that a game, who makes this much money, should have its priority on flawless workings.

And we would like to send in this petition with our request to please focus on fixing the current glitches, before anymore merges and events are created.

We realise that it is the events and merges that get in the money most, so that has WB's priority. But people deserve an overal quality game!

So as an encouragement, we think it is fair that for every day the game glitches like this, we get the last bought pack for free!

And please please answer to the bug reports that are send in and fix it with an reimbursment that actually matches the losses. Because the time it takes now is just too long! 

And if the quality doesn't return to normal soon, people will start to be so frustrated that they will stop playing, no matter how many new features you throw at us.

So until then, we will ask all who agrees to sign this petition and rate the Game of Thrones Conquest app with 1 star, following the text; Too many bugs right now; MAKE GOTC GREAT AGAIN!

Off course, just waiting patiently and never getting an answer on your reports is also an option..  But we felt like doing something. I mean, what else is there to do while your game is 'swearing to Casterly rock' for the last half hour.. ;)

Follow us on discord for many many many Screenshots of bug reports!