NEW Playground at Bondi Beach

NEW Playground at Bondi Beach

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Waverley Council

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Started by Talia Golan

PLEASE JOIN ME in this petition to put a new playground in the world famous Bondi Beach!

COUNTLESS COMPLAINTS have been made to Waverley Council - but we are just being ignored! Which is unfair and unsafe!

The current playground at Bondi Beach is a unsafe and needs to be replaced! Play equipment parts are missing and whatever has been left is rusting and decaying away. This a serious tetanus hazard. The current play components aren’t even suitable for ages 1-3yr, (which makes up majority of the kids playing there), as there are no steps for crawling and walking toddler to develop their fine motor skills. Mothers must lift kids onto the slide. The raised platform connected to the slide have no side panels so kids literally! fall on the edge! The second climbing formation, which must have been attached to another formation many years ago, now serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever as kids can’t climb up Independently and it’s doesn’t connect to any other equipment so I am not really sure what it’s meant to be? The second set of swings has never been replaced & even the unoriginal boat in the sand is chipping wood parts away, creating nasty splinters in precious baby hands.

Waverley Council surely makes enough money in parking tickets alone just to fund a new play equipment.

The playground equipment needs to be completely replaced with brand new equipment that is not only visually pleasing but SAFE!

The Mothers’ of Bondi have been forgotten. Stop focusing on tourist initiatives and TAKE CARE OF THE LOCALS!

623 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!