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Wattpad: Put "incest" as a violation of guidelines

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(I don't live in LA, I put that so you wouldn't know where I really live. Privacy purposes.)

2017 was quite the year for Wattpaders, considering they had to continuously deal with those who believed the romanticization of many things including rape, abuse and incest were okay. It isn't okay. While certain aspects of things such as rape and abuse are able to be reported, there is nothing in the guidelines saying incest is wrong. In fact, it's almost as if Wattpad themselves don't care.

This isn't right. Incest is a big taboo and is illegal in parts of the US alone, such as Alaska, Alabama, Georgia and so on. You can look up exactly which states and the laws they have against it. It is morally incorrect, especially when people take the subject and instead of raising awareness, they turn it into their little fantasies. Many of them think it's okay because it's their idols or "it's just fiction". Fiction doesn't justify the actions taken to create a story as such. It's the message being portrayed. Many young kids, who shouldn't even be on Wattpad, read those stories and think they are okay because it's been written as some messed up love story. Would you have sex with your brother? No? Then we shouldn't allow people to write about it.

Not only is it wrong, it's damaging to the person it's being written about if turned into a fanfiction. The idol its written about makes a mockery of them, and uses them in a way that is messed up. Imagine if they came across it, what do you think they would feel? I bet they've seen at least one.

So please, help this change happen so we can get rid of incest stories as a whole. It should not be allowed to slip past for young viewers to read, and it most certainly shouldn't romanticize the act as well.

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