We do NOT want Cold Springs Nevada to be an unincorporated town.

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Many residents of Cold Springs (Washoe County) Nevada are very concerned that our voices are not being heard  when it comes to the possibility of becoming an unincorporated town.  We do no want to see our little area of unincorporated Washoe county turn into an unincorporated town for many reasons but here is a list of our biggest  concerns:

Lack of commercial and industrial businesses to bring in a steady tax flow. Without a strong commercial district in our area, we will have to rely on the property taxes of the residents.  With the way that the Nevada state tax law is, the older that houses get, the less they are allowed to bill in taxes (Depreciating valuation).  Lifestyle homes is almost done building out here, which means from the year that they are finished building, we will be looking at a steady decrease in tax revenue.  

The depreciating tax revenue from the property taxes will cause us to rely on developing more homes or raise our taxes.

We are looking at higher taxes added on top of our current property taxes.  It is called an Ad Valorem Tax. Taxes can be up to  3.64%.

The amount of power that a group of 3 to 5 committee members will hold for our whole community, especially when it comes to their ability to raise taxes concerning us.  They can be appointed without an election by the county commissioners when it is first formed.  

When you look at the other unincorporated towns in Nevada, like Minden, Gardnerville and Genoa, you will see that they all have higher property taxes (ad Valorem), Strong business districts, lodging and tourist attractions.

The fact that if they start the petition before November, they would only need 2,200 signatures, even though that is only 1/4 of our current population out here.

We do not want the possibility of any of the big developments to be included.

So, please, Help save Cold Springs.  We don't want another level of government or taxes.  We want to stay just how we are.