Bring the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) to Washoe County Schools

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Action required for Washoe County Residents! Sign this petition to allow students in WCSD to enjoy the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). Archery is an Olympic sport. It is currently benefiting students in other Nevada school districts. Middle schools and High Schools in Carson City, Las Vegas, and some local charter and private schools have this program. Why not Washoe County School District?

The NASP program provides the equipment and instructor training to schools who participate though grants. The Program happens during PE or afterschool, like any other sport. If schools have a NASP program students can also participate in the State and National Championships for a chance to win scholarship money.

Why not allow WCSD students the chance of building comradery, developing self-confidence, focus, and self-discipline through this program? The training of self-control to calm and focus oneself in order to shoot well is extremely beneficial to students, especially throughout the teenage years. The archery program promotes better behavior by teaching students that rules should be followed. This is done by enforcing strict guidelines and making sure they are followed before anyone can participate in this sport.  This controlled environment assures that safety is always the Number 1 priority. According to Archery Trade Association, archery is the second safest sport in high schools with ZERO major injuries.  FYI, the safest one is Ping Pong.

 What makes Archery special and unique among other sports? It is an individual sport where people compete against themselves for better scores.  At the same time, it also promotes team-building in a supportive community where they get a chance to interact with people who shares the same interest.  It is a great sport for students who are not into team sports. Kids with autism and other sensory disorders are given a chance to excel and become confident at an Olympic sport where there is no physical contact that can lead to discomfort or injuries. This is also a sport that the whole family with various skill level can enjoy together – family time with a teenager, how cool is that?

 Don’t allow WCSD to fall behind times, especially since we are all contributing so much money to make sure our school district continues to progress and meet the needs of our community.

 Sign this petition now.