Title Mine

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As of summer 2017, Washington University is currently under 3 federal Title IX investigations due to problems with the reporting process. Despite the University pledging to make improvements, few changes have been actualized. Students are organizing in order to pressure the University administration for tangible changes.

Students have organized a Title Mine Rally for Thursday, April 26th, at 4:00 PM. For updated information on the event please see this Facebook event. Speakers will include student survivors and organizers. The group will then present their list of demands to the WashU administration.

Demands for the university include:

  1. Comprehensive, trauma-informed training for all persons involved in the sexual assault reporting process.
  2. Investment in the support of survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence, including the expansion of survivor accommodations and support resources, stronger requirements for student group training, and identity-specific support and programming. 
  3. Greater transparency in the execution of Title IX, along with the processes of all other relevant campus programs and offices, including SHS, WUPD, OSC, ResLife, and CDI.
  4. Additional staff hired in order to handle cases of sexual and intimate partner violence with increased nuance and to expand current resources for survivors, including a new Title IX Coordinator, additional investigators, and additional staff at the RSVP center who identify as and who have professional experience working with marginalized communities.
  5. Creation of an oversight committee for the reporting process that prioritizes student feedback about how WashU handles sexual assault and intimate partner violence.

You can see a more detailed explanation of our demands here. If you support this movement and would like to see administrative change, please sign and share our petition!