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Make all bathrooms in Washington State gender-neutral.

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I-1515, HB1011, the Washington State GOP keeps trying to introduce bills to tear down the rights of trans people to use the bathroom consistent with their gender expression. One comes along as soon as the last one's been voted down.

I think it's time to move the goalposts a bit further: why do we need separate-but-equal bathroom facilities anyway? Why can't we just have one place for everyone to take care of their elimination business as appropriate to their needs? If you've got a full bladder and can pee standing, there's the line of urinals. Unzip your pants or lift your skirt, and aim carefully. Please obey proper urinal etiquette of "not checking out your neighbor's bits" and "maximizing space between in-use urinals". For those who have to sit to pee, everyone who's got to poop, or has other business, the stalls are right over there. Please don't flush your used tampons, every stall has a place to dispose of them properly.

Old buildings with separate men's and women's rooms, we take down the gendered signs and replace them with ones denoting what can be found inside: urinals? toilets? baby-changing stations? New buildings and remodeling, we just plan for one double-sized room with about the same relative allocation of toilets and urinals we'd have had in the combined men's and women's rooms. We'll have to add tampon disposals to the stalls in the former men's rooms at some point too.

Let's make this a state where every man, woman, and non-binary person can get their elimination done without anyone policing their gender presentation.


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