Allocate more funding to investigating impacts of everyday drugs on the Puget Sound

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Toxins from prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications have infiltrated the Puget Sound and are wreaking havoc the aquatic ecosystem. Specifically, the Chinook salmon population is declining as a result of consuming these toxins in the water. Chinook salmon are a keystone species in the Puget Sound, meaning they are a species on which other species in the Sound largely depend. The removal of Chinook salmon would drastically change the Puget Sound aquatic ecosystem for the worse.

We demand that the Washington state Department of Ecology allocate more funding to the investigation of how these toxins affect the Puget Sound aquatic ecosystem and how to best remove these toxins. The results of this investigation should be provided to the King County's Wastewater Treatment Division and to the City of Seattle. The Wastewater Treatment Division should then implement correct treatment procedures. The City of Seattle should then develop a threshold for allowable drug remnants in the Sound.

We, as community members of the Puget Sound area, must remember the impacts of our decisions and lifestyles on the environment. Please sign this petition to show the the Washington state Department of Ecology, the King County's Wastewater Treatment Division, and the City of Seattle that we demand action to remedy the disasterous affects of human drugs on the Puget Sound aquatic ecosystem.