Take a Stand for Keylin Haynie

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By signing this online petition, you are showing your support for Keylin Haynie and his family. You are taking a stand against the principal’s decision to suspend him from Warren Central for up to 30 days. If you’re not aware, Keylin, a Warren Central High School student, was in attendance at a baskball game hosted at South Warren High School, Jan. 15, 2019. Keylin sat to talk with some friends of his that he had not seen in awhile. These friends were sitting on the South Warren side of the gymnasium. Keylin paid to enter this game just as everyone else did. This was not during school hours. He was not causing a disturbance. Was not acting out of line or character. He was simply catching up with old friends, but he was approached, more than once, by Warren Central’s faculty and told to move. Keylin did not move due to he felt as he was not doing anything wrong by just sitting there talking. When he asked why, he was told it was to “prevent anything from happening”. Nothing was going to “happen” by him enjoying his friends’ company. He was told to report to the principal when returning back to school. Upon meeting with the principal, he was told he would be suspended for 45 days, but was given “the benefit of the doubt” and would be suspended for 25-30 days. This is absurd! Keylin is a very active member of JROTC and the WCHS baseball team. He has no criminal record and no severe disciplinary actions brought against him, therefore, this “punishment” is extremely unjust! This could potentially ruin his high school career, all he has worked towards in JROTC and baseball. It is my hope you will sign this petition to show your support and stand up for Keylin as he did in what he felt was right. It appears segregation was trying to be forced upon these children. Aren’t we suppose to be encouraging unity?!