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Warp Records: Repress Elecktroids' Elektroworld

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In 1995, a mysterious album hit record store shelves. It was purported to have been made by the four sons of an electrician in Flint, Michigan, known as the Elecktroids. This backstory was dubious, and no names were given to these "Elecktroids".  All the members were in boiler suits, as well, providing another layer of anonymity. (It is generally believed Elecktroids was a Drexciya side project, nowadays.) It was very moody and very solid electro, inspired by Kraftwerk. It was so good, in fact, that years later the album had developed a legendary reputation amongst Warp's catalogue- on one of Warp20 compilation discs, Elecktroids were covered alongside Warp titans like Autechre and Broadcast. 

But Warp has not reissued it. There are 3773 people who want the album as of February 15th, 2017, and that number is likely to grow, and therefore the price of this album will continue to raise as copies run out. This echoes the injustice of another once-coveted Drexciya-related project, "Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe". I say once-coveted because a petition very much like this one allowed that album to be repressed.

In other words, Gerald and James are having their artistic legacy undermined once again, and it is up to you and if possible any other Drexciya fanboys/fangirls in your life to make your voices heard. We want a repress of Elecktroids on vinyl, and possibly cassette too, as some bootleggers attempted to rerelease this album who were dubious enough to get banned from the Discogs marketplace, Keep Tapes Alive. The demand is that high.

So, Steve Beckett or whoever runs Warp (I don't know who, I'm sorry!) this is a win-win scenario. You will make extra money from dedicated fans of Drexciya, and you will make them happy as well. Repress Elektroworld. Return the slab, or suffer my curse. Bad jokes. I'm tired, writing this at about 3 AM. Oy vey.

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