#SaveGotham : Gotham Property Continuity Continuation / Expansion

#SaveGotham : Gotham Property Continuity Continuation / Expansion

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Casselene Von Solórzano-Kriesk started this petition to Warner Brothers and

Gotham the television series, is a WB - DC property which project which took over 2 years (circa Later 2011/early 2012 - 2014) to bring together a full Set. Debuting in 2014, everyone in involved as worked adamantly year after year to better the show in content and quality. 
The circumstances around the show's termination are heavily questionable. As fans, the Neilson ratings have remained an issue for ages, but now in an age of internet and global entertainment, even the Youtube Channels for Fox's content restrict even fellow English speaking counties from seeing the content. It's obvious why many have been questioning the treatment of this show by Fox, what role Disney likely has in its cut off.  With both a sizeable audience that remains watch to date, Internet Rallies and even some member of Cast and Crew quietly remarking of their desire for more time to grow in Gotham City, This Petition is to ask that Gotham's property continues. In any alternative iteration(s), withstanding any time we may have to wait, the Gotham City which we've grown to know over the past five years, (with the 5th season arriving Today, January 3rd) Even after a lack of success to Recieve the Full 22 Episodes of Gotham Season 5 which fox themselves had createdt he standard for, Fans want to see this version of Gotham live a longer life with the tales it has only just begun to tell.
F̲a̲n̲s̲ ̲a̲n̲d̲ ̲G̲o̲t̲h̲a̲m̲'̲s̲ ̲S̲e̲t̲ ̲T̲o̲g̲e̲t̲h̲e̲r̲ ̲h̲a̲v̲e̲ ̲b̲u̲i̲l̲t̲ ̲a̲ ̲l̲i̲s̲t̲ ̲o̲f̲ ̲c̲o̲n̲t̲i̲n̲u̲a̲t̲i̲o̲n̲ ̲i̲d̲e̲a̲s̲:
Spinoffs; Penguin, Alvarez & Harper, Riddler, Catwoman, BatCat
Backstories; characters such as Victor Zsasz that's origins remain unknown intis origin story show.
Sequels; "No Man's Land," "New Gotham," "Batman" [How does Batman (2020) sound?],
Revivals: "Gotham" (The Show itself), "Gotham Stories" (Motion Comic Series), or a Comic creation of either
The Amount out content that is in demand for Gotham's continuation suggests the property would do well to continue as it has been for these five seasons, with all the characters and shift dynamics that keep things changing, and hitting over a wide array of characters Gotham's (re-)constructed. Whether this means the Sequels suggested, or a Gotham Pick-Up.


January 3rd, & Following Thursday Episodes Note:
For all social media activities. In order to promote Gotham during the Episode premieres, make statuses tagging the merchandise & commercials will help make sure there are companies who play for their content displays with Gotham, should another broadcasting or ad displaying streaming company chose to #PickUpGotham


To all of whom it may concern;
Warner Bros., DC Comics, DC Universe, Netflix, Hulu, Fox
The CW, Syfy (“SYFY WIRE” child company of NBC Universal),
[Any Broadcast or Streaming Company looking for a show to invest in;
ABC, Amazon, AMC, BBC, Freeform, FX, HBO, NBC, Showtime, Starz]

Gotham, the first series of its kind.
1966 saw the raise the Batman Series and Movie live action combination; a feature inside of Gotham City, this was the direct age of Batman.
1976 saw the two-part special of Legends of the Superheroes; which included a return of the same Adam West Batman.
2002 saw the Birds of Prey Series; The series featuring daughter (Helena) conceived from Bruce and Selina (Batman & Catwoman) and feature in what is known as “New Gotham.” A Sequel age to Batman.
None of these shows got to live the well-deserved life such that of a cape crusader series.
In 2014, the world was able to see the beginning of Gotham debut. The series starts as a prequel to Bruce Wayne’s cowl. Starting with a twelve-year-old Bruce who is leaving the theatre with his parents when they approached at gunpoint. With robbery as something of a ruse before his parents are shot dead on to an alley road. Yet, despite its almost immediate direct connection to Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne at the start of the series, as well as classic Detective Comics root of Jim Gordon (who had just joined the GCPD), with Harvey Bullock as his partner, Sarah Essen was reimagined in Gotham as already Captain of the Police Department (and the one who would have a family, where Gordon has not even had the chance to yet marry his fiancée Barbara Kean).

The series continues to display a high standard ability to handle oldies and new goodies. Gotham ties in characters from vast numbers of popularity and mythos history, and begins the roots of new or altered characters. The Pepper Family’s Mario who is first investigated to the Wayne Murders, then shot dead in a pursuit turned violent. To bringing his[Mario’s] daughter Ivy Pepper who will become orphaned shortly after with an alleged suicide of her mother, and make what is to become a Poison Ivy character, played by three different actresses. Edward Nygma (who is the future Riddler) is seen intellectually uncovering critical conviction evidence, assisting the GCPD case after case, underappreciated for his work, and socially shamed for his unfamiliar way of conversing. Fish Mooney, a brand new character with direct ties under the order of Carmine Falcone, the Mob Crime Lord of Gotham. Oswald Cobblepot (also known as Penguin) working under “Fish” / “Miss Mooney” as an umbrella boy, but also having a sense of foresight that draws him to his future. From giving away a clue to the framing on Mario Pepper by the GCPD to Gotham’s Major Crimes Unit (MCU) (the employment place of inter-DC-cities character Renee Montoya [who is given a romantic background with Barbara Kean], and Gotham partner Crispus Allen), to foretelling the good in Gordon’s ‘boy scout’ ways that lead to his deal with the elite mob boss [Carmine Falcone] himself, and killing his way back into Gotham, and disguising himself into the lesser competitive Maroni Family’s restaurant to gain repaying information honoring his deal to Carmine. We meet Butch Gilzean who works Fish, and later under Carmine’s order Victor Zsasz alters his mentality to have him work with Oswald, where not far from Fish’s bar there’s a street called Grundy, in hint for fans to reanalysis Solomon Grundy’s mythos history to find that Gilzean will and has since shown himself as Grundy. Cameos and joined reoccur characters continue throughout the first season, and well into every season. We meet Freeze, a new origin name for Firefly, we meet the Galavan’s who take up future Azrael and Tigress roles, Lee Thompkins dates James Gordon in a completely no pairing to the universe. They go on a circus date were they meet both the Flying Graysons to which Richard “Dick” Grayson is raised in, and the Lloyd family (for which Dick’s mother Mary was born to) is seen apart of the same Circus show. After investigation into the family’s with the break out of a family feud fight, we also meet Jerome, son of Lila Valeska (née Trumble) who after is found out for murdering his own mother, find that the seer Paul Cicero is his father, and shows a psychological switch to amusement towards her death complete with a smile that nodded everyone to the joker more vividly than any elusion before with-in the series, that drove a fan base so far to bring the character back from the dead and create a twin brother just to keep Cameron Monaghan playing with the Joker mythos role.

The depth of Gotham’s multi-plot storyline continues to dig into the modern layers of Gotham. It’s paid off with the series now reaching into a season five with a fan base fighting for the full-length season five, and begging all of your companies for more. More than any of the other Gotham and Batman tied live television has ever caught before combined.
There are a great many factors to consider for Gotham, as there have been with each of the series prior in terms of cancellation reasoning. But when it comes to Gotham, something with the level of success all around it has attained, after waiting for 50 years to welcome a new Bruce Wayne and Batman into a live action series, while multiple DC shows are continuing to function on a regulated series formula, and new ones are being forged. This is a time like no other to request more for the full cast and crew of Gotham.

Beginning of Gotham
For over a year (circa 2011-2012) as Gotham located producers, the show was first placed as a topic, to eventually be assigned in the hands of Bruno Heller, who held fear for the fact that superhero-related shows weren’t his best forté. Looking at the other shows that were in current production works for superhero titles Arrow and Flash, playing super-power lead story-lines, it seems unsurprising for someone creating shows more in-touch with realism and eras/periods. However, with the fact that in most iterations of Gotham City, Batman stands as a human without superpowers, and having more origins beyond simply superpowers and metahuman fantasy/sci-fi drama, by the idea of his son, Bruno was able to reconsider the superhero relation for the more earthly ties. Placing Bruce as a child first, and Jim Gordon as a young officer gave an opportunity for Heller stepping into Gotham City without being “out of his depths.”

In 2013 Warner Bros. and DC Comics saw a bidding war for the Gotham project to be tied to a broadcasting partner. The 24th of September marked Fox’s announcement that they had won the bidding war. A year later in the first few days of 2014’s September, Netflix announced their exclusive deal, that (aside from a spin-off series to an already established series) was the first stand-alone un-premiered show to be pre-purchased before debut for the streaming service. At the end of the month, 22nd September (2014) Gotham was up for Debut. While this means Fox & Netflix paid highest to get this show, it also suggests that there are other companies, broadcasting or otherwise which hold a desire to host a Gotham/Batman-versed show.

Modern Television
Today we live in a world where technology is constantly changing. With that, so is our entertainment platform. Streaming is a part of the new age, and with that many Networks/Broadcasting companies had shows prematurely cut off for the lack of followers, and show participants. People are constantly working more, and advertising of itself is difficult. If the word does not go well-traveled of when a show is premiering or returning from the beginning announcement, and endorsement drops, a show ends up as a hit and missed. If a show is watched away from home, outside of the country, streamed, or simply bought on disk for the repeated views to never be counted offline, it’s underrated on their true earnings, representation, and dedicated fan count.

Budgeting and appropriately dividing and creatively utilizing every dollar available could also play a role. Fact is, the most expensive options for materials in everything is not the guaranteed best, like with costume departments, or unnecessarily extravagant locations. When people create things from scratch, half a million dollars to design and make a costume that isn’t completely metallic is honestly ridiculous. To the cosplayers with no budget creating source accurate costumes (plus perhaps a spare minimum wage paycheck on any necessary FX & makeup to complete a look). That’s money that could have gone towards the actor pay or endorsement of follow up seasons. Shows holding millions of fans, but it still doesn’t cover for supplementing and replacing the over expended budget.
Some of your companies standby, yourselves even acknowledging the changing way of modern viewership, and have created new, ideal platforms for you to begin monitoring your views yourselves. Whether it is next day watching, uploading a whole season at once, your web ads, using Hulu as your platform for this, you are starting the change for shows to get justice. Continue to make this available straight to the customer, and elevate awareness of your modern platforms, and have the patience with your show to take in account for those who will binge the show on Netflix when it’s all aired, whether because of missing an episode, or by preference to not be in weekly suspense.

Nielsen Ratings
This is the rating systems for which all American cable shows live and die.
Gotham, like many shows, will face criticism for the lack of live views. However, live views with Nielsen Media, the same as many polls and surveys across the country, have statistics projected off of an uncontrolled, random sampler. Being just one company alone, producing the view count rating for every show aired in the US across all networks since 1950. They do not count the views of all, and certainly not in the way streaming enabled companies or viral video websites can on their own home run platforms. Nielsen’s ratings is a broken system that frankly never worked to start with.
Their own website reports that the selection is random. “Chosen at random through proven methodology, Nielsen’s U.S. TV families represent a cross-section of representative homes throughout the country.” However, universally across almost every fandom that has suffered the loss of a show, or even in successful shows, there are no reports of anyone involved in the hundreds of thousands of people actively involved every day in fandoms being included in this so-called “random selection program.” When they say their methods are proven, they have not been proven successful in a program taking a diverse sample of homes or genre viewers. The mere concept that supposedly they produce numbers for a viewership up 25 million program or more for every television is absolutely preposterous. “We cannot ask every home to participate, so we carefully select a sample of homes in your community to represent the entire TV audience.” Their estimates are inaccurate the true numbers of live viewing and yet they control the fluctuation that dictates advertisers that pay to work with networks and streaming companies. While saying that “Every household in the U.S. has a chance of being selected, no matter where it is located.” and further which claiming they supposedly record one-third of the U.S. TV home population, there is still virtually no one that can say they’ve played participation to the program. Across U.S. fandoms, across towns, cities, and various communities. The true number of people watching live are not views that are counted, rather the fractional few are multiplied by the estimated number of homes in the country.

That being said, while U.S. shows may be produced predominantly in or near the United States, or with programs such as British Broadcasting Channel with c-operation between the U.S. Canada, and the U.K., shows tend to get aired in other countries, under a delayed airing that can be late by months to nearly a year after the season has concluded, in addition to the speed of conversion on the streaming platforms or otherwise post-airing and global viewership. Nielsen’s does critic on viewership includes device attached to U.S. TV and cable box, or people to create their own record of the shows they watch. This process will completely take out the standings of the modern, global, and streaming viewership, where a show will be cancelled based on their counted numbers before everything can be taken into account. Let alone to mention rewatching. Where it for fans writing our scripts to the show, for character fanart, to refresh memory on a scene, out the millions who will watch a show, well into hundreds of thousands or more will likely rewatch the show as a whole or new episodes to digest easter eggs and more. Nielsen simply does not have the capacity to take all this into account.
As a U.S. Citizen my entire life, I myself can vouch for no family me or my own to ever know a single household that plays participation in the programs with Nielsen survey or rating.
The new approach is your modern viewership platforms for virtual live and post-debut viewing, and having your own, unbiased view counting system working the same way as entertainment video websites like YouTube. Until then, shows like Gotham that has at least 5 million viewers and streamers worldwide, with at least three- to five-thousand fans year-round tracking for updates and the show’s status, will suffer irreversible losses.

Internal Network Conflict
Another issue about Gotham’ condition which is the root of problems for the WB / DC shows that were on the Fox network, is that it’s been up for sale on the market. Fox, like many “smaller entertainment companies,” can always be bought by giants. When WB came to the table, rather than seeking to buy them, they went for a partnership with Fox, something beneficial to both sides. WB doesn’t host television studios, and Fox could be elevated for a new kind of entertainment. Gotham, Lucifer, and following Black Lighting were all proposed shows. They also create a fairly good timeline that identifies Fox’s standings. Gotham premiered the 22nd of September 2014, after a production that started well of a year prior, widely successful. Lucifer came into the picture from early 2015 casting and a 2016 premiere that was also successful, and Gotham going on to season 3.
When it came to the third show WB offered up, Black Lightning in 2016, the Fox team came to a halt after drafting a pilot. Gotham was also put to a halt of questions at the same time, despite that fact that the season itself was still very successful. This can be identified as the first time Disney and Fox spoke of the prospects, in which Disney probably bore in mind their adopted child from 2009, Marvel. Fox as well as other companies from an earlier decade, has had ownership over a Marvel group from their sales years ago. Owning the X-Men put them on the Marvel hit list. Marvel being bought by Disney only produced an entertainment giant that could go after capturing all the lost pieces. Disney mentioning this conflict of Marvel and DC competition. Marvel possibly become Fox’s brother under Disney,  this caused the 2016 “‘temporarily’ bumpy road” between Fox and WB. Afterward, Black Lightning was passed on to the other channel that features an array of WB-DC show, The CW.
The previous WB shows manage to continue. Yet, just a fraction of the way into Gotham and Lucifer’s corresponding 4th & 3rd season, Fox airs “The Gifted,” (Disney-Marvel property). Then two months later, halfway into WB-DC the shows, three-quarters of the way through the Marvel show, the negotiations between Disney and Fox go public. They’re working in the financial and technicalities of their deal just as DC shows winds to their second half. Fans have been on the DC-Fox shows’ news before and after this, but this peaked the number of fans with worry for their shows. They were told by Fox it would not make a difference to their shows, and the Gotham “absolutely had its place on the network.”

Once the seasons concluded, Lucifer is gutted on a cliffhanger, Gotham is being played around if cancelled, or not cancelled at a new depth for the future of Gotham. Gotham received condemned sentencing. Fox claimed to be renewing only for a fifth and final season, under only fan support with not enough to go on from there. The truth is, Fox was merely being held by words of the head to hold true. The brother show Lucifer was cut off completely. When it came to it, because of Lucifer’s completely cut off, unlike Gotham, Netflix was able to pick the show up with Warner Bros rather quickly. Where in contrast, it was previously believed that Gotham would be a legendary tale’s end in a traditional season with Fox, it has now turned into months of online rallying and working for the awareness of Gotham’s end. Hearts of the fanbase have been tossed around and enduring. From an untimely end to and an unwanted fox cut to from 22 to 13  to 10 episodes, and fan support winning back just two more episodes. A push and pull for Gotham’s power, even as fans to the network, has been a highly necessary one.

Gotham is a show that won out easily over Supergirl when they were badly scheduled to premiere on the same night clashing with one another. To Disney, Fox’s Warner Bros relations are to become history, Gotham is simply in caught in the crossfire. The reality is, that this final season on Fox for Gotham is merely a fan-political move, in respect for the fan who followed fox for Gotham. They don’t want to outright admit that the Disney buy out has made them [Fox] biased to Disney-Marvel profits over their original WB-DC cooperative partnership. Something a globally renowned as the Detective Comics and Batman is the one thing no-one could deny cutting off in favor of being bought by Disney and starting a new Marvel series is an obvious bias.
Yet, even in giving Gotham this fifth season, the evidence is still obvious.
1.] The series was sized down smaller than even Bruno Heller who first took on the project preferred for a season of Gotham to get [16 episodes].
2.] Gotham’s production for season 5 was delayed over producing a new season of Gifted first.

3.] The show was ordered to be a wrap-up. Going up to ten years into the future, Fox is trying to end the plotlines. Yet, there will always be more.

Near Limitlessness
Gotham as a show, while nodding to many previous sources, spin original twists. The writers’ creativities such as introduction Fish Mooney are the tie-in relator for Carmine Falcone, Gilzean AKA Grundy, and Oswald “Penguin” Cobblepot, and person fragments of the cast, such as Robin’s Penguin falling for Riddler, or Harvey Bullock’s season one Irish enthusiasm and Spanish word usage, all stand as testaments to this.

FanBase Dedication
The number of people and impacts this show has on many lives has been very evident from the start of the show. It might be argued that has only increased over the years. This is contradicting to the idea from Fox’s obeyed Nielsen reports that fewer people watch the show. In actuality, more people than ever before (and globally), so are finding Gotham. It’s a whole city, a home to Batman fans, Joker fan, and everyone like Catwoman changing in between. Comics, Movies, Animations, everything around Gotham has been banking. The Detective Comics, Batman and Gotham Franchise groups have been operating for nearly a century together.

The CW’s channels is a proven testament to everything DC shows are managing today, as well as all the Gotham City related nods taken into Green Arrow. Gotham runs differently from all of them. Gotham stands non-reliant on the romantic interests with-in the story, but episode after episodes of multiple plot lines interconnecting and expanding. Without even need a cinematic outline for a series to rise and fall over the course of a season, this is a constant dynamic like a real-time working city, as a real-time economical market. The way it is built is to be a timeless item beyond any other DC show started just before it. It’s a legacy crafted to be passed down like it’s timeless counterparts; Detective Comics, Batman 1989, and the Dark Knight Trilogy.

You can see how the sheer number of people worry for Gotham’s unjust fate over the last couple years pushed for articles of Fox defending themselves, and for more of Gotham. There’s no denying we’re here. Three petitions run today to have this amazing show. Now I’m here to ask each and every one of your companies to consider this show, for all networks and streaming companies to talk as though you were Gotham City Hall, and address the future with Warner Bros & DC Comics as though they are Wayne Enterprises.

Comic History
Gotham as City has history coming from the dawn of the Detective Comics’ founding of Batman and his spin-off comic series. In the #4th issues of Batman from December 1940, Gotham was first revealed as the home city to Batman’s adventures. In 78 years of creativity with Warner Bros’ DC properties, the history and population of characters in Gotham have evolved, with ample tales to explore.

Founding Gotham mythos: the Lazarus Pits, Trigon, & Ra’s ties; the 40+ millennia old warlock [known modernly as Doctor Gotham] and his essence into the root of Gotham soil; the Miagani family ancestry to the Wayne Family; alternative storylines of a 10th century in Norse land area, 1459 Batman, 1534-1582 Feudal War State Japan; One comic canon of the city’s first in-story founding beginning with Gotham in 1635 as a small town that would grow to encompass the whole island (and in some incarnation cases also nearby islands); & a 1888 Batman who seeks to deal with ‘Jack,’ the Ripper. Future Gotham mythos: ‘Batman Beyond’ with the McGinnis sons fulfilling the roles a generation following; ‘Possible Futures’ having three concepts from the 22nd century, Post Null-Nuclear War, and the 3000’s era bringing Brane to the forgotten Mantle; & ‘Legends of the Death’

The time skip that Fox created for wrapping up the story could be a whole new explorative or expanding evolution for Gotham with a new partner. The past present and future can be toyed with, compared, or collide. Shows that are Romantically based such as DC’s Supergirl still function on this simplicity level despite cross-over complexities. Looking at the fact that this year they began a crossover that began opening the door like never before with Elseworlds and the return of a previous generation’s Flash who’s also been a long-standing cameo in the new generation Flash. Whether we open a history book and explore Gotham before and continue our time like for the next generation to inherit and continue, or we play around with all the possibilities, the next decade could be full of new adventures for Gotham.

Iteration Variety
Gotham as a series property started as a mere TV show but quickly evolved. Gotham now has two recognized tie-in novels by author Jason Starr; Dawn of Darkness & City of Monsters. Titled “Gotham Stories” there’s also a five chapter Motion-Comic released during the mid-season season two break. The ways to continue Gotham, even on a budget, are going to be this much easier to consider. The locations and the set can be used for Gotham’s city can be used to create an animated world of Gotham, from video-graphing a few times and reconstructed to virtual paper (CAD software, animation programs, or just a stock of city and stage animation style draw-overs, etc). Rather than real-life acting that comes with the required tailoring of costumes, hair, makeup, and fx designers, we can take back our cast and crew for creating artwork of our characters.
There’s fan demand for the show to continue. While spin-offs have been the suggestion for fans to fight for, being that the entire cast and crew are beloved by fans, the possibility of a spin-off cutting down or narrowing the show’s set, leads me to believe that an iteration form change may also be a considerable solution. To make an example of this (as I’ve previously sent out emails CEO Kevin Tsujihara & to returned contacts of WB CC VP Piorkowski, and the DC Universe crew) I am going to be spending hours working to reproduce Gotham’s series photage converted as an animated / motion-comic series to the likeness of the originally aired “Gotham Stories.”

Opportunistic Investment
Predominantly, the top line of companies addressed at the start of this letter are the ones that currently nourish the show. The second line of companies, I believe would be the most likely candidates to actually voluntarily take over Gotham. They were also most likely to have been involved with Gotham’s property bidding war just before production. The third line is additional potential companies that while are less likely to consider the show, could still have potential with the show.

Warner Bros., DC Comics, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Fox.
Each of your companies and branches already holds close ties to Gotham’s property.

Warner Bros and DC Comics own virtually all things produced with the Detective Comics, Gotham, and Batman logos. It’s thanks to them that Gotham was able to be found. In a reply from an email I sent out addressed to Kevin Tsujihara, VP of Corporate Communication Piorkowski responded that “we[WB] can only produce shows that have been ordered by a broadcast, cable or streaming platform.” For which, while Fox has been the Broadcast/Cable platform for Gotham to how on since 2014, Netflix also struck a unique deal with WB to get all streaming rights of Gotham before its debut leading to each season on before the next season airing, Hulu has been the platform for airing episodes the day after they premier. While Netflix is certainly the most common platform for watching, there have been a fair amount of Hulu day-later streamers, and additional purchase to stream platforms utilized. Such as how Google Play holds a grand total of 9,873 reviews, with a 4.7 star rating, where the price has in some cases been the highest to purchase.
Amazon holds a place for Gotham’s purchase by season or episode.
Season 1 1065 customer reviews with a rating of 4.5 stars; 71% on the five-star rating, and 14% on a four-star rating. With top contributors to Amazon and self-published authors alike loving the series. Critical reviews are almost always about blended opinions toward the level of darkness: to go darker, or not to get too dark. Gotham’s done well to balance.

Season 2 1142 customer reviews with a rating of 4.7 stars; 84%  on the five-star rating, and 10% on a four-star rating. The critical reviews are notary of the change in gear. Some say it’s too much too soon, some say they’re glad is faster, some say they’re seeing hope, some saying it’s too gory or oversimplified from the last (some reviews are negative purely because of purchase / playing issues on amazon at the time).

Season 3 277 customer reviews with a rating of 4.7 stars; 80%  on the five-star rating, and 13% on a four-star rating. Some reviews have to do with Amazon issues, such as the sd becoming unpurchasable. Other have options about the leveled outpace, people whining over the lack of Batman, and no-one truly dying.
Season 4 112 customer reviews with a rating of 4.8 stars; 86% on the five-star rating, and 10% on a four-star rating. The 4 lower reviews still hold half positivity and love for the series, with 3 out of 4 having opinions or advice for the show (the other review being upset that a payment for a show went through later).

Bare in mind, reviews come at a different time according to the time of purchase, not the time of original viewing, nor as later season’s reviews limited to that season, but are often reviewed stories as a whole. The moral over this is that not everyone can or will be pleased with everything, but overall, there’s still a well-sold number of people who adore the show on Amazon.
Ratings follow a similar pattern to Microsoft Movies & TV / Movie Groove.

Season 1 4.6 star rating; 81% on the five-star rating, and 8% on a four-star rating.

Season 2 4.8 star rating; 81% on the five-star rating, and 18% on a four-star rating.
Overall, (including season 3 & 4 which I’m unable to analyze) 4.5 star rating on a platform that does not often get reviews on their platform. Movie Groove is the platform for which even my fiance pre-orders Gotham annually. We’ve not managed to be contributors to the reviews on there either.

While already having investments in the show does not mean that there’s by any means a requirement to continue the show, but these certainly are companies that could easily continue to invest. Even if Fox, Hulu, and Amazon can so easily drop hope for the series, Netflix has the ability to notarize the “streaming of Shameless’ series in Antarctica” or a “single account watching the same Pirate and the Carribean movie every day for an entire year,” they know just how many millions have been watching Gotham on their service for years. They already have run a wonderful six live-action Marvel-Netflix Series-verse, and after the Fox cut-off for DC, Netflix has already come to save the brother show Lucifer. With this former DC-Fox show preparing for 2019 debut of Lucifer, believing that things can and will certainly go on well to continue, this will be a testament that can bring further hope for those the believe Netflix will continue to invest in Gotham, whether by saving the series, or by co-partnering as the stream service counterpart to a broadcast/cable platform.

DC Universe, The CW / CW Seed, Syfy (“SYFY WIRE” child company of NBC Universal)
The DC Universe has just launched Titans (which also naturally has ties to Gotham City, via Robin and Raven) on this brand new streaming platform. The CW runs across show franchise of DC shows (that just lead this year’s crossover “Elseworlds” to Gotham City) and CW Seed’s animation shows and conclude live-actions series like Birds of Prey (Post-Batman Sequel). Mind Syfy just had the first season of Krypton (a comparable parallel prequel series for Superman). In all cases, the shows have been making success for their respective companies, and go to show the well worked ties of Warner Bros & DC Comics onto various live-action series. They’re proof and hope of the idea for Gotham to continue. The DC Universe is a natural, relatively internalize place that could house virtually any DC show once people get on board to the platform despite shows requiring membership. The CW & CW Seed is a two-part streaming website/app that runs completely free to watch (like some former televisions used to naturally pick up so many granted channels 1/3 - 63/114). Mind you, Brune Heller while first producing Gotham was also Working with CW for the production of “Red.” Syfy is both a subscription enabled website, or watchable on a wide variety of cable companies, even including the console-based PlayStation Vue. Respectably, each platform has their own viewership expectations, but all attest to the success of the new-modern viewership, and put as much quality into their work for a stretch.

ABC, AMC, BBC, Freeform, FX, HBO, NBC, Showtime, Starz
[Any Broadcast or Streaming Company looking for a show to invest in]

After the end of Once Upon a Time, ABC has no show to take my consideration, and I believe many oncers are the same way.
AMC has been housing the Walking Dead (series based on comics, loosely with twists that take creative liberties on source material just as Gotham does), and has the series Humans that now captures refreshing attention.
BBC no longer holds a show as of the properly concluded Orphan Black series, but could make for a good potential partnership to help bring in global travel as David’s Bruce Wayne travels the globe to train and better his skill into vigilantism and the true Batman, as well as origins for characters like the Cobblepot Family ties outside of the Gotham City.
Freeform does have a struggling show of Shadow Hunters and has a terribly unwanted end of Dead of Summer after only one amazing season, so I will take no offense to them neglecting the option of Gotham, but with them seeming to find a way to create Sirens, a how that has newly re-grabbed my attention to the channel, I won’t cut them out of mentionable suggestions.
FX housed the Strigoi series “The Strain” from 2014-2017, reaching four season where Gotham was currently at right now. Frankly, as the end of that series, and the whacked up ‘weird’ way AHS Roanoke went with more oddity that spooky creeps, I had nothing more to watch on FX. I’m hoping that newer season of AHS on Netflix will change my mind (especially with the first few series storylines making a reappearance in the new season). If it doesn’t, Gotham is my only recommendation to the series. (even if the new seasons play well, there’s no saying that there will be a good season every year like Gotham, and channels with only one show that keep a viewer following stand to lose sustenance after a series ends).
HBO, highly known for its R-rated content, most of which are discomfortingly repetitive, It only true banking fall-back since it's ending has been the first three letters of Gotham, “G.o.T.” Game of Thrones. Though the now the Westworld series shows a new type of horror reality that relates both to the show Humans and the follow-up (book-based) Hulu Original The Handmaid’s Tale. Regardless, based on both inaccurate and accurate character conversion of source materials in HBO’s noted series, I think I could tolerate an HBO twist to continue Gotham if they wanted to do so.

Since NBC lost Grimm, There’s been no new series to NBC that capture the attention. With both Smallville and Grimm stand as cop relevant series that have room and actors who wanted to continue, I can’t attack for the network not getting their company’s sows in order, but if there would be one badass trio of Police Procedural shows to be on tv together, I wouldn’t doubt the ability of these shows together.

Showtime, in some ways I close associate it to HBO. Weeds and Penny Dreadful are the already ended series which give a touched base to the company. In the period dramas, I’d be likely to watch, if I wasn’t stressed over Gotham as I am now. With their Shameless star Cameron Monaghan already on Gotham, and having just died, perhaps they would like him back working on their network?

Starz holds period drama I’ve already been able to watch, but moreover with Black Sail’s Conclusion, and fan waiting patient for what the actors suggested as a 10-20 year waits for Starz’s Treasure Island to occur, the Outlander is all they have left to rope me in. Hoping for the company to do well until then, would it really hurt to ask that a watchable fiction shows seat here in the meantime?

In conclusion, I see virtually limitless routes, potential partners, and most definitely a future for many or any iteration of Gotham’s property to continue. I ask the Warner Brothers put the property upon the partnership market. I’m hopeful that Warner Bro has done so even in advance of my formal and public request, and the real reason we’ve yet to hear of a follow-up season thus far is that of how many are currently wanting to negotiate with Warner Bros and DC Comics to continue the property.


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