Make Simone Elkeles books into movies!

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Simone Elkeles books should be made into movies. Recently, many of my friends and I have come across Simones books and have fallen completely in love. About last May, I was struggling emotionally and mentally, however when I had gotten a chance to read one of Simones books I became totally intrigued by the way she could create such amazing stories that I ended up reading all of her books! Once I did, I started digging and was extremely disappointed to find out that there had been no movies made yet. Simones books are not only amazing, but they helped me through a very hard time in my life and she not only deserves everything possible for creating these stories, she deserves to get her work put more out there. Honestly, if even one of her books were made into a movie we would be happy, Perfect Chemistry, Wild Cards, Leaving Paradise. Any of it. They are life changing stories and are more than just romance, they teach you the value of family and hard work. Wild Cards actually inspired me to get more involved in sports and I will be joining two this summer which is exciting, and it is all a thanks to Simone and her stories. They definitely deserve to be made into movies. This would reach an audience on a larger scale, bringing in more reviews, fans, and ultimately more joy among kids of my age group. With not much work, I have been able to get a significant amount of my friends to read these books and they want movies as well to. For a reader, a movie opens up just more than visualization for us, it gives us a chance to see and feel what we didn't quite get to reach while we were reading. It really enables people to want to get more involved in the story. Hopefully, anyone would consider turning these masterpieces into the amazing movies they absolutely deserve. Thank you.