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WB, please include the Martian Manhunter in the Justice League movie as a member!

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It's hard to imagine the Justice League without the Martian Manhunter at its heart. He might not be as popular as Batman or Superman, but to every DC fan the Martian Manhunter is almost synonymous with Justice League. 

However, besides Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showed its audience a glimpse of three possible Justice League members: Aquaman, Flash, and... Cyborg. This points to a Justice League roster inspired by the one in Justice League  (vol 2) #1, published in 2011, featuring six of the original founding members of the Justice League, but replacing the Martian Manhunter with Cyborg, a character mainly known as part of the Teen Titans.

Cyborg is a great and really cool character —excellent in the Teen Titans cartoons—, but whether he is included or not, J'Onn J'Onzz, the Martian Manhunter, has been at the heart of the Justice League since its origins. That's the way Julie and Gardner conceived the team, and that's the way DC fans love the team.

The Martian was in more incarnations of the Justice League than any other member, and he has been its sole leader two times at least. He is so essential to the team that he and the white martians have been tied to its origin two times in comics (the first by Steve Englehart, then by Grant Morrison) and another in the first episode of the animated series created by Bruce W. Timm. All of this has made the Martian Manhunter the heart of the League in the hearts of DC's most loyal fans.

This is so true that any honest poll will show that fans always prefer J'Onn over Cyborg as part of the Justice League (they might even prefer him over other of the big 7!). If Batman v Superman was a success thanks to the fandom, why not show them some love again by including J'Onn?

For that reason, I invite everybody to ask Warner Brothers to include him as part of the Justice League in the upcoming movies. 

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