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!!! Bring Teen Titans Back For Season Six 2018 !!!

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The original Teen Titans is a masterpiece that never got to end itself properly. Teen Titans is an American animated television series based on the DC Comics characters of the same name. The show was created by Glen Murakami, developed by David Slack, and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. It premiered on Cartoon Network on July 19, 2003, and the final episode "Things Change" aired on January 16, 2006. A comic book series, Teen Titans Go! (2003-2008), was based on the TV series but couldn’t fill the void of the old show :(

Even after Beast Boy lets go of "Terra" there are still too many unfilled holes we don't know, who is the new Red-X for example. The renowned versions of the show- New Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go did not fill these holes and it still frustrates many of the Orignal fans. Making the series end on a cliffhanger was brilliant but not permanent.You must either fall or get up and continue. We- Teen Titans fans are not about to fall, we will do all that we can to make a continuation to the show and we will not rest until it happens!

It's been long enough that Cartoon Network and Warner Bros has allowed Teen Titans to go off the air that long. It's tell to tell them that we want the Original Teen Titans back on air. Most of the fans by majority want the show back. TTG! may appeal the young young crowd, but when the true fans wanted the show to return, we wanted the show to return as a continuation of the Original Teen Ttians series from where it left off from season

Cartoon Network have started re running the Orignal Teen Titans twice a day and now might be our chance to push them once again!!!!!

What we need to do, is constantly voice our oppinion to Cartoon Network & Warner Bros on all forms of social media. In addition, write them emails every single day to show the seriousness of the support. Also, write handwritten letters and send them in the mail because that is a effective way to represent our position and sincerity to them on how bad we want it back.

Finally, please tell your friends about the petition and share it as much as possible so the world can see. 

We ask Cartoon Network & Warner Bros bring back the show as a continuation from where it left off from season 5, hold on to the same originality as the show had, keep the same voice actors, and of course, keep the same theme song.

This show was fantastic and was one of the best show on Cartoon Network and also that aired on WB Kids.

We can do it! It's time to bring Glenn Murakami back into business. READY? TITANS GO!

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