Release The Snyder Cut of Justice League

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Release The Snyder Cut of Justice League

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Jason Maher started this petition to Warner Bros. Pictures

Please sign this Petition if you’re a DC fan and/or a Zack Snyder fan and want to see the Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League. #ReleaeTheSnyderCut 

Warner Bros. Pictures hired Zack Snyder to direct a series of epic and realistic DC films and to start a shared universe of DC characters. Man of Steel was first in the series and although the critics bashed the film, there are plenty of DC fans who are in love with it, even to this day. The same thing can be said for its sequel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was also directed by Zack Snyder. Again, the critics bashed this one but mostly because the plot didn’t make a great deal of sense to them and Warner Bros. Pictures are to blame for that, as they cut 30 minutes of important scenes/footage because they thought the movie was too long and “dark”. When Batman V Superman received negative reviews from the critics, Warner Bros. Pictures decided to release the “Ultimate Edition” with the 30 mintues of Cut footage put back into the movie. After doing this, the DVD and Blu-Ray sales went through the roof and the film made it into the All-Time Best Selling Blu-Ray list with Zack Snyder receiving apologies from many of the critics who bashed the film, saying they wish this was the version that was released in cinemas. You would think Warner Bros. Pictures would learn from this and not meddle with his movies again, but unfortunately they did. 

During Post Production of Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie, his daughter sadly committed suicide, forcing Zack to step down from the movie which the studio then took this tragedy as an opportunity to destroy his vision, something he put so much time, hard work and dedication into. Instead of giving the man time to grieve for his daughter and then bringing him back to finish the movie, they got Joss Whedon (Director of Marvels Avengers 1 & 2) to come in and change as much of Zack’s work as he could. The studio fired Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer, some of the greatest composers of our time who also scored Man of Steel and Batman V Superman and brought in Danny Elfman to replace their score. He made the movies score within 6 weeks and had mostly story boards (Drawings of scenes) to work with. No composer has had to score a movie going off of story boards, they always have actual footage to watch. Danny Elfmans new scrore was unoriginal and highly forgettable, not to mention the fact that it in no way fit the tone of the Justice League movie or its 2 predecessors. Warner Bros. Pictures cut out at least 50 mintues of Zack’s footage (possibly 90 minutes) and ordered Joss Whedon to reshoot most of the remaining footage and to change the colour tones and grading of the film so it didn’t match with Zack’s Snyder’s Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, the 2 films leading up the Justice League. Joss Whedon added terrible dialogue and cringe-worthy jokes to the characters of the Justice League, completely changing how Zack Snyder has already portayed them in the previous films and they became nothing like their comic-book counterparts. The original story of Zack Snyder’s Cut of Justice League had a lot of tie-ins to both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman and was heavily edited, cut and changed around so it didn’t fit in with his previous films. Descriptions of everything that was cut or changed from the original film can be found online and confirmed by the people who were lucky enough to see Zack Snyder’s Original Cut and even from some of the people who worked on it. 

Essentially, Warner Bros. Pictures tried as hard as they could to “Marvelise” the Justice League movie in hopes that it would be more successfull at the box office, thinking if it had the same tone and look of a Marvel movie that it would make them more money. Oh how they were wrong as it became the lowest grossing film of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Fans and critics hated the Justice League movie and the fans feel robbed as the movie they saw in cinemas was not the one they were promised and not the one they paid for. Ever since it’s release, fans of DC and Zack Snyder have been pushing for Warner Bros. Pictures to release the ‘Zack Snyder Cut’ of Justice League, the movie they were originally promised and the movie they paid for. Cast & Crew members have also expressed their interest in wanting to see Zack’s Cut of the film and have also confirmed it’s existence as many morons out their try to deny its existence. Unfortunately for Warner Bros. Pictures, too much evidence of the original film (by Zack Snyder) has surfaced online and been confirmed by the Cast & Crew members who worked on the film, including Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Ray Fisher (Cyborg), Cirian Hinds (Steppenwolf) and Jay Oliva (Director of DC animated films and storyboard artist for the Justice League film). 

The fan movement for ‘Release The Snyder Cut’ is incredible, from people sending Snail Mail to Warner Bros. Pictures, holding a giant banner in front of the Studio with #Release The Snyder Cut written on it and to raising enough money to have a plane fly over Warner Bros. Studios with another banner saying “#Release The Snyder Cut”. This is not the first petition started for The Snyder Cut either, this is the second one and hopefully the last one needed to get Warner Bros. Pictures to listen to it’s fans. If anyone from Warner Bros. is reading this, please, listen to your fans, respect your director who you have severely disgraced by how you treated him and release the Original Cut of Justice League. We want Zack Snyder’s Cut of Justice League. This movement will never stop until you give the fans what they want and what they paid for. Respect Zack Snyder and your fans. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.

No other fan base has started a bigger movement in cinema history and this movement will continue until you give the fans what they have been wanting since the 17th of November 2017. Even if you say no, we still won’t stop. What you have done to Zack Snyder and the Justice League film is a huge INJUSTICE and a total disgrace. If you won’t do it for Zack, if you won’t do it for your fans, then please, do it for Autumn Snyder.

Kevin Tsujihara (former CEO of Warner Bros.) is the greedy man who destroyed this movie. Instead of delaying the Justice League’s release date to 2018 so Zack could take the time to grieve for his daughter and then come back to finish his work, Kevin ordered that the films production continue because he wanted it to release in 2017 so his yearly bonus would be even bigger with the box office revenue that would come from the Justice League film. Kevin was leaving Warner Bros. Pictures in December 2017, a month after the release of Justice League and new that he wouldn’t have gotten the extra money if they had of delayed the films release to 2018. The destruction of this movie was all for money and funny enough, it didn’t make anywhere near as much as the Studio wanted and is widely hated by the fans and heavily bashed by critics, some who even want Zack Snyder’s Original version released because even they know it would be better than what we got instead. 

Kevin Tsujihara is the man who did this to Zack’s beloved film and Walter Hamada is the man who can fix it. I hope this petition reaches Walter Hamada, you can bring this fandom back and give them what they deserve, you can pay the respect that Zack Snyder deserves. We’re not asking for The Snyder Cut to be released in cinemas (as awesome and respectful as that would be) but we are asking that you release it on DVD & Blu-Ray, the sales would go through the roof just as they did with the Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman. Please Walter Hamada, Warner Bros. Pictures, release The Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League. Given the amount of changes made to the story, releasing it as “Justice League: The Alternate Edition” would be very fitting, although you did release the Directors Cut of Superman II as “The Richard Donner Cut”, naming the Directors Cut of Justice League as “The Zack Snyder Cut” would be just as fitting. 

This movement will never die and you will never hear the end of, Release The Snyder Cut. So please, hire Zack Snyder back and let him finish the final touches of his Cut of Justice League, if you haven’t already. San Diego Comic Con 2019 would be one of the biggest for DC films if you announced the release of Zack Snyder’s Cut of Justice League. November 17th 2019, is the perfect date to release the REAL Justice League movie. Please listen to your fans. #Release The Snyder Cut. 

(If you’re a fan of DC Films and Zack Snyder, please express your interest in wanting the Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League and hashtag, #RelaseTheSnyderCut on anything and everything Warner Bros. Pictures related. Hashtag it on all of their Facebook posts, all of their Instagram posts, YouTube posts and even send them messages on all of the social media platforms that they have. Let your voices be heard and do not lose hoep. We can do this.) 


Jason Maher

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This petition had 9,744 supporters

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