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Release Raw Footage of Superman With a Mustache in Justice League


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It is a truth universally acknowledged that Henry Cavill can pull off a mustache, and yet The Powers That Be have seen fit to use digital trickery to censor this mustache from additional footage that was filmed for use in the motion picture "Justice League".

While we begrudgingly accept that this step was necessary for the sake of continuity, the fact remains that somewhere in the world there is raw footage of a mustachioed Superman in a $220 million Justice League movie. It is unacceptable that this footage should be hoarded from the general public, when it could do so much good in the world. 

Therefore, we the people must insist that Warner Bros. Pictures release footage of Cavill as Mustache Superman - whether online, in a post-credits scene, or as a bonus feature on the home video release.

We look forward to our demands being met.

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