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Kill Felicity Smoak in Arrow

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Felicity Smoak: extraordinary hacker genius. Bright hero. For everyone
Writers for Felicity Smoak: Comic relief. No one was there for her. There is no history. So, Felicity Smoak deserves better, Emily Bett deserves better. I therefore ask as a fan of Felicity Smoak and Emily Bett to kill Felicity Smoak in Arrow. I'm very tired of expecting a story for Felicity Smoak away from men, I'm tired of seeing that Arrow despise women for don't wearing a mask, I'm very tired of enduring that both the screenwriters, producers, the network and the actor (Stephen Amell) scorn the fans who support to Felicity Smoak & Olicity to give wings to people who have previously threatened them and a part of the death hearing. I know there are more important things in life, I'm also very aware that this it's just a TV show and that I can't get what I want. But in spite of all this, if you believe that Felicity Smoak deserves better, Emily Bett deserves better please sign this request so that Arrow kill Felicity Smoak, since They are only important to us her fans and we aren't important for absolutely No one from Arrow, and they don't need us. I apologize for my English because English isn't my mother language.

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