Wargaming, please nerf the Object 268 v4

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A unanimous voice has been yelled across the WoT servers calling for a nerf for the obviously OP tank the Object 268 v4 (A tier 10 Russian TD in the game of World of Tanks).

Wargaming has recently been noted for saying that it's 'fine' as it is and there are even rumors of a possible buff.

The overpowered nature of this tank resides in its absolutely blistering speed for a highly armored, heavy and hard hitting TD meaning you can quite literally drive up to a flank and rule it on your own.

Suggested re-balancing is highly requested and WG seem to be just ignoring it. More and more unbalanced tanks seem to be appearing in World of Tanks as of recently and this is a concerning trend for a lot of players.

The argument that this is just to shake up the game play etc is invalid as even in a tier 10 heavy you will struggle to penetrate the tank frontally, let alone a tier 8 which this tank can see matches with, the obvious rebuttal to this is to flank the tank and get its side (Which too is quite highly armored and angled) but the fast speed of the tank makes this virtually impossible. It can take up to 4 tanks to take out one 268 v4 on its own.

This is absolutely disgusting and shows an obvious lack of attention to how this tank would and is being used on the battlefield.

This petition is to bring this issue to Wargamings attention in the hopes that they may re-address the balancing of this tank.