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Stop Wargaming from bringing the new unbalanced premium tanks to the game.

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Lately Wargaming seems to start getting more and more greedy with bringing completely broken, over powered premium tanks to the game. Such as things like the Chrysler K GF, the Defender (obj 252) and the new Japanese premium heavy as showcased on the Asia server. ([EDIT]: Although the game is not being run by wargaming there, I wouldn't put it past them to introduce this tank to other servers, this is something we shouldn't want.) We, as the playerbase, should let Wargaming know that this is not the route we want to go. The pay to win aspect is getting too much. First the pay to win aspect was in the grind; you could buy gold ammo and a premium account and some balanced premium tanks to give you that extra edge to win a game and earn credits. Now it has developed into insanity and the premium tanks out there are pay to win as they increase your performance massively due to being massively unbalanced. It is going from skill based gameplay to money based gameplay.

By signing this petition you would declare that you will refuse to buy from wargamings premium store the moment they bring more unbalanced premium tanks to the game or to even stop playing WoT alltogether to switch to other games. Such as Warthunder and Armored Warfare. You also declare you want unbalanced, pay-to-win premium tanks, such as the Chrysler K GF, the Defender (obj. 252) and the Nameless, to be removed from the store at once and not see them make a return in some kind of 'super special weekend offer deal' every other three months.

I don't want World of Tanks to stop being fun and neither should Wargaming but we have to show that we're serious. These kind of tanks are quite literally ruining the game.

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