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Walton County Board of County Commissioners: Do Not Allow Dollar General In Inlet Beach

Dollar General does not fit the unique character of Inlet Beach which is currently home to small, locally owned restaurants and other businesses.  The design of this store is in stark contrast to other new commercial developments in Inlet Beach and does not provide any services that are not already available within a mile of the proposed location.

The store poses a threat to the environment because of it's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the potential impacts the lighting may have on nesting sea turtles.

The property is surrounded on 3 sides by residential real estate. It will negatively impact those property owners, their rights, and property values.

In addition it will create significant traffic issues.  Traffic will also be forced to exit the store onto North Walton Lakeshore where cars and trucks... including large delivery trucks with be forced onto adjoining residential streets and neighborhoods.

Traffic will also be increased at the intersection of N. Walton Lakeshore and Hwy 98 which the DOT in an analysis of traffic for pedestrian safety at those crosswalks deemed to be at a 'blind curve' posing additional traffic and pedestrian threats.

Finally, Dollar General has a history in Walton County of not maintaining a clean and well maintained property at their other stores.  They also ignore local ordinances for outside displays of merchandise.  Because of their corporate ownership there is not a local stakeholder in the store.  Therefore little concern is given to how it fits in with the community.

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Do Not Allow Dollar General In Inlet Beach! Dollar General does not fit in with the character of Inlet Beach and poses a threat to local property values, the environment, as well as the public safety for those that drive and walk in the area.

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