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Remove Gambling Mechanics from Marvel Future Fight

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Marvel Future Fight was a game that is Loved by the Community , though it had many game modes and mechanics that are heavily RNG Based ( RNG is a fancy word for gambling ) , from the biometrics we get from the very basic story missions to gear upgrades, card upgrades, custom gear upgrades , World boss invasion boxes , Co-op rewards , Alliance Conquest Chest to almost every single item we buy with crystals with real money like custom gear chests , card chests and iso chests , boost point rewards , hidden ticket rewards , its all a gamble..we accepted it and supported you because it's a MARVEL game and we love MARVEL. the best aspect about the game was almost every single character can be farmed in-game except the paywall characters which are obtained by monthly subscription , we were fine paying for it because we knew when we buy it we get to choose the bios of the  character we want, but what you're doing now with your next update , after 2.5 years of game's release , you're adding Characters to gambling chests, that is a complete different turn for a game to take after running successfully for 2.5 years , if you think you can get away with it because you have MARVEL logo slapped on you , you're wrong .. Enough is enough , Disney and Marvel Games are not supposed to promote gambling on this scale ,these games are played by kids or fans of marvel , don't exploit them.It is wrong, your whole game is a casino literally 90 % of game's rewards are based on RNG, Future Fight is always top 15 grossing game in playstore for a very long time , It's not like you're not making enough money, Don't get greedy and ruin it completely , hopefully Disney or Marvel will notice the scale of gambling and exploiting NetMarble is doing in Marvel Future Fight and take necessary Action

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