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Make close Club Penguin Island and re-open Club penguin!

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For 11 years, fans have come together to play this wonderful online game with friends or friends they have not yet met. Myself, I played for 6 years and spent countless hours making new friends, playing with current friends, decorating my igloo, adopting new Puffles (pets) and enjoying a good moment. Today, Disney has replaced this beloved and world famous game by an alternative, strictly for mobile devices and has sole purpose of making money and not to make happy millions of players. Although there are alternatives, Club Penguin did not have the right to remove such a good game. If you are a long-term player, a player who is sad to have lost everything, or even a new one, please show your support in order to close Club Penguin island and maybe even re-open our old Club Penguin!
We can get there, one penguin at a time!

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