Give Club Penguin back to Lance Priebe

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Dear Club Penguin, And Disney studio

we heard the sad news about the closure of Club Penguin Island. And we are all saddened to hear people lost their jobs.

The Club Penguin community has been a big community ever since 2005. And by 2017, Club Penguin was set to close and to be replaced by the new mobile app, Club Penguin Island.
A lot of people weren't thrilled with the idea. But as months went by, CPI was growing, and people were beginning to love it. But now today 2018, Club Penguin Island has confirmed to shut down by the end of the year.
Since the last hours of the classic Club Penguin was still online before it closed.
People complained, and tried to stop Disney from closing their childhood game.
It was very sad to see the original close.
Even Rocketsnail, once tried to buy back Club Penguin from Disney, trying to save it. He tried to give Disney an offer, but they refused and declined it. 
But now Club Penguin Island is coming to an end. Disney is officially done with the Club Penguin franchise, it is really coming to an end.
But they don't have to end the franchise. We really think it would be best to pass Club Penguin to someone else to keep alive. And we all vote for Rocketsnail, to try again, and buy Club Penguin and restore it to it's original self, back to how it looked since 2005. 
Rocket Snail is our only hope for Club Penguin's future. Don't let this beloved childhood game die. All the players who had played Club Penguin since they were younger, or had kept playing till today, are all crushed to hear this news.
and we all remember at the beginning of Club Penguin Island opening, Disney has mentioned that if Club Penguin Island didn't work out, they would give Lance Priebe (Rocketsnail) the rights to Club Penguin. 
And we all think this would be the best thing that can save this beautiful community. And we all hope Disney kept their word.

Disney, If you're not going to be using or running Club Penguin at all, Please give it back to the original owner and creator Rocketsnail, and Screenhog too.
There's no point keeping rights to something if you're gonna delete it. 
And if this can happen, we really think it would be cool for Club Penguin to return to the internet where it was before, and boost it all the way back to how it looked from the very beginning, we can all rejoin the game and start fresh, and even start with a beta test, and let the first item be the beloved Pink and Yellow party hat everyone loves. and once we start from 2005's club penguin. then we can start there and see how it goes. and maybe even bring back Penguin Chat 3 too. We can even help with suggestions for the game (if this happens)

This game is more than a game, it's more than a elementary kid's phase. It's more than a community. It's a family. Club Penguin shouldn't end like this. Please help and sign this petition if you want Club Penguin to stay alive and help Rocketsnail claim what was once his. Let's start fresh. #ClubPenguinRightsForRocketsnail
Club Penguin's future depends on you're help. Help Save this community. Return Club penguin to Rocketsnail and Screenhog. 

would mean so much for supporters to sign this. And comment below why CP means to you. And why RocketSnail deserves to have HIS game back to his own hands once again.

Save Club Penguin,
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