Get the Kingdom Hearts Collection on the Nintendo Switch

Get the Kingdom Hearts Collection on the Nintendo Switch

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Dear Square Enix & Disney,

We realize you are currently busy working on Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS4/Xbox One and as a result, might be too busy to even think about a port for the Nintendo Switch at this moment in time, and such, even if Switch owners REALLY want that game, we have decided to take this reality into account. We do however have something else to ask you in the meantime that would make us very happy.

Since 2004, you started to release Kingdom Hearts games on Nintendo handhelds (GBA, NDS, 3DS) and while many of us loved them, we also felt lost because we never enjoyed the whole story: Kingdom Hearts 1 / 2 / Birth By Sleep / Birth By Sleep 0.2 never made it to a Nintendo console. Because of this, we kindly ask you if you'd port the Kingdom Hearts Collection (known as the 3 following games: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 + 2.8) to the Nintendo Switch.

While a port of Kingdom Hearts 3 would take time and optimization and would require us to wait for a while, the Kingdom Hearts Collection would easily run on Switch in their current state, making it a pretty easy port so it is not a big ask from our point of view. After buying these games on GBA/DS/3DS, don't we deserve to play the other games?

The Switch is particularly well suited for Kingdom Hearts: the console has a strong RPG community: Octopath Traveler is doing really well, Xenoblade 2 is the most successful Xeno game ever and Ys VIII sold more in the West than the PS4 version.
And it's not only the RPG side: these colored, Disney-themes have a strong appeal for younger gamers playing games as Super Mario Odyssey and Kirby Star Allies.

We feel this franchise has a strong appeal among Switch owners all over the Internet and it'd be a fast, cheap way of expanding your Kingdom Hearts brand. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.