Release Chris Gethard's cut scene from Iron Man 3

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For too long, a crucial piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been brushed aside and ignored. With Infinity War looming on the horizon, and our heroes gearing up to take on the mad titan Thanos, fans deserve a chance to experience the full, unedited version of the universe they've invested so much time and energy into. 

Beloved character-actor Chris Gethard was slated to make an appearance in the 2013 film Iron Man 3but his scenes were sadly left on the cutting room floor. We believe this to be afront to the larger canon of the franchise. How are we supposed appreciate 10 years of intertwining and overlapping storylines, if we don't have access to every available piece of content?

I don't mean to make any assumptions, but we're still unaware of the location of the Soul Stone -- the final infinity gem - and Chris Gethard's omitted scenes could provide fans with the crucial information needed for finding it!

On top of all that, Chris Gethard is a lifelong Marvel fan. He doesn't like discussing this in public... but did you know he cried when The Multiple Man died?! 

We request that The Walt Disney Company release Chris Gethard's Iron Man 3 scenes before Avengers: Infinity War premieres on April 27th, 2018.


- The Fans