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Walt Disney Company: Create a merchandise line for the Disney Princes

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Due to the controversy of the Disney Princess merchandise line from their redesigns to their merchandise, I figured we should level the playing field by having their male counterparts get the same treatment.

People have not only criticize the redesign for Princess Merida, but also the redesigns for the other Disney Princesses, saying that these redesigns are sexist and do not represent the actual characters themselves. Perhaps to even the playing field, we can create a line for the Disney Princes by creating redesigns for the Disney Princesses male counterparts (we can have Merida's triplet brothers in the line as well). We shall make their outfits sparkly, give them loose, messy hair, and make their waists thin. If the Disney Princesses get this treatment, so should their male counterparts and their images should be plastered on all merchandise. Perhaps if its successful, we can also have other male characters get the same treatment, like Wreck-it Ralph (he'll look nice in sparkles).

Disney, if you believe in gender equality, then consider this petition for a potentially successful merchandise line

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