To have diapers/pullups for special needs children at a reasonable price.

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Disclaimer: I am not  a special needs parent, but am a fierce special needs advocate. I deal with incontinence firsthand and am well connected to the disability community. I deal with multiple disabilities. 

The child pictured above is 9 years  old. Her name is Monica, and she has a disability called Kleefstra Syndrome. She is currently incontinent and uses 5 to 6 goodnites per day. Her mother is struggling to provide for her daughter. (Photo of child posted with express permission of her mother)


Also pictured is the disparity in sizes between youth diapers, adult small and size xl pullups. It is painfully obvious more options are needed. 

Millions of children past potty training age deal with incontinence. Many children are not able to be potty trained due to disability.  Pampers size 7 are the last option with tabs for parents, and then after that, pull ups remain. Pull ups that size and absorbency are currently marketed only for bed wetting children, and are meant to be used once per day. This brings up the cost for an incontinent child SIGNIFICANTLY. Medicaid does pay for special needs diapers, but  not all sizes are covered.  Moreover sometimes families make too much to qualify for medicaid but they make too little to pay for the diapers their child needs without struggling and sacrificing.  

There are youth sized diapers available for children online, but often the cost of purchasing these diapers can be steep. Buying in bulk quantities often means paying between 60 to 100 dollars up front. Many struggling parents cannot afford that. 

I propose that Walmart  consider designing and marketing a line meant specifically for special needs children who grow beyond Pampers size 7. The ideal products would consist of both tab style diapers and pull up underwear. The former would be ideal for those that cannot potty train, the latter for those who can. Since they are for older children, they should have different designs. If the manufacture does not want to use the term diaper, they can use a term like underwear with tabs. The bottom line is, Goodnites are often the only option for special needs children, and they are meant mainly for bed wetting children. They are marketed as a once per nightly product, not 5 per day as many families are forced to do. The costs can be astronomical.   

To put it simply, the cost per piece for Goodnites averages around 90 cents per piece. In contrast, Pampers swaddles size 7 averages 70  per piece.  Northshore Care Supply, an incontinence company, has a youth sized brief available for 74 cents a piece. Surely the diaper manufactures can come up with a comparable size that can be sold in stores for a comparable price

If Walmart makes this change, they will enjoy a great increase in profit, because of the vast number of parents of special needs children who are at their wit's end trying to get something that fit. If they were to manufacture a product and market it in packages in quantity similar to pampers size 7 but in bigger sizes, they stand to make a substantial profit.  

If this change is not made, millions of special needs families will continue to struggle to provide what they need for their children. 

I anticipate many signatures to this petition and the numbers alone should show the diaper companies what profit they stand to gain. Thank you. 


I myself struggle with incontinence. I know how important it is to get correctly fitting products. I can't imagine being a child with special needs who is too big for baby diapers, to small for adult, and their parent is paying out of pocket for Goodnites. 


Also, for those of you who are having a hard time affording diapers due to hardship, be it financial or otherwise, I have good news. I am in the slow but steady process of founding a 501c3 helping those in need access high quality incontinence supplies, as well as to raise awareness and decrease stigma, and to provide funding for catheters and adult size changing tables. At this time, I am serving recipient requests, however it is limited to what I have in my small inventory, and the recipient must cover shipping. But it would cost you much less than what you would pay for online. Contact me on Facebook at or I have a limited quantity available, so first come first serve. You must be able to have a conversation with me, give me an idea of why you need these supplies and how it would benefit you in the long run. Since I'm providing a case at a time, or a bag at a time for  immediate need, i am not asking for identity or physician documentation of need. However when I am foudned and paying for regular high quality supplies that will be a requirement.