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Updates for Waldorf Pulse 2

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The Waldorf Pulse 2 synthesiser was created as the follow up to the infamous Pulse, originally released in 1996. With an amazing set of sounds, easy to use and responsive interface and completely new design. Reviews are universally positive, with good reason, it's one of the most solid and reliable bits of kit out there today and now, being sat on your desktop, is always within easy reach.

There's much to like about the Waldorf, but like anything in this world, there's always room for improvement and the Pulse 2 community feel that our synth has been forgotten about!

We have lots of ideas to make something great, even greater and would like to see a little time devoted to our favourite synth. There have been no firmware updates since early 2014 and they were predominantly bug fixes. The scope is there for some major feature additions and we would love to see the remaining bugs smoothed out too.

We understand the need to focus on upcoming projects but with so much extra scope for the hardware and lack of response from Waldorf, even on their own forums, users are starting to feel alienated.

So what are the most requested features?

Top of the list can be summarised with a more "Blofeld" style interface incorporating such things as;

  • Graphical feedback on LFO's and filter/resonance/slope controls for example
  • Frequency in khz for filter cut off (particularly nice with band pass filtering)
  • Waveform Oscilloscope display
  • Visual feedback for envelopes including frequency cut off  slope/resonance etc
  • Arpeggiator still appears to be buggy for some users (volume resets between functions)
  • Output level meter
  • Ability to call up last incoming MIDI parameter(s) change that was received (debugging)
  • Display all numerical values of current section. Negates needing to turn dial to see the value you had (and therefore changing it)
  • Improved resolution for filter modulation. Possibility to use two CC's to double resolution and additionally set keyboard tracking to 100%

And finally, utilisation for the FX expansion? Is this proprietary or can 3rd party manufacturers create boards for the Pulse 2? Are the schematics available for such purposes? This is potentially the most existing area in which to give the Waldorf extra life. Distortion/saturation/compression or even just a reverb/delay boards would complement the sounds AND bring in some extra revenue so everyone benefits.

So please, please, please from every Pulse 2 user - please let us know you haven't forgotten about us!

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