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Establish American Sign Language classes for credit

ASL, American Sign Language, is the third most commonly used language in the United States. As students of the largest Community College System in NC, we feel that it would be beneficial in numerous ways if our school offered classes to teach this widely used language on our campus for credit, under the college transfer catalog. We, the members of the Wake Technical Community College American Sign Language Club, are asking that you sign this petition to show Wake Technical Community College that there is a community interest and demand for this culturally rich and beautiful language to be taught to members of the student body and for the community at large.

Some of the ways that ASL classes can be beneficial to the community are…

-Teaching members of our community about a rich and diverse culture and language that exists in their neighborhood, schools and churches, expanding their horizons to meet new people.

-Learning how to better understand one’s own language and culture by analyzing another.

-Potential for careers utilizing ASL as a primary skill (i.e. Interpreters, Teachers in Deaf Education) or as a bonus skill (i.e. child development programs). Plus, being bi or even trilingual ALWAYS looks good on a resume!

-FUN!! It is fun to both learn and use ASL.

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