Justice For Kamahl Bamblett

Justice For Kamahl Bamblett

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On the 13 of January this year, my 15 month old nephew Kamahl Bamblett was found deceased at his home in Ashmont, NSW.

After police and detectives investigated they then ruled out natural causes, and its now been put as a "Homicide".

He was a beautiful, absolutely adorable thriving little boy, who did not deserve this, no child does.

His mother and new boyfriend, were present at the time and has been reported there were also other people there on that night.

He suffered significant injuries, as well as blunt forced trauma to his abdomens.

In a news interview with his mother, she claims, " its my son, I'm the only one who needs to no what happened to him, its no one else's business", no years no remorse that her little boy is gone..

Also later down the line on march 12 this year, my 17 yr old boy was seriously injured at the hands of her new boyfriend who is known to us and is a first cousin of my sons, resulting in him knocking my son into fits on the ground, jumped on his skull and fractured his skull, being my own family who protect the predator filmed the footage of jumping on my sons head, in which could've all been avoided if services did do checks or acted on many issues that were reported, fortunately for me my sons still alive, but for my nephew, that will never be!

His mother and boyfriend and those others that know what happened as the mother clearly states no one else needs to know, is with holding the truth as is those other people of interest, who were present that night...

Not just myself but a community has been affected by all of this, and if they who were there aren't giving true information, Kamahls case will remain open without closure.

I personally think that those with holding the truth whether they partook in his death, then they should all be made to sit behind bars till they want to tell the truth to how this baby boy become to be deceased.

This baby boys father and family deserve answers and closure, and I am asking that if you believe these people also his mother should be jailed until the tell the truth whether they rot for life inside hiding the truth of his death, then so be it.

As he never gets the chance of growing up in life the mother and family are still walking round freedom much why his father and family that loved him want answers and justice served.

Just know that for what that man did to my son, his in custody where he belongs, and hoping that in time, they all end up having justice for Kamahl served and for concealing the truth of kamahls death get a heavy sentence, as his father his family and the community needs closure and to know these people are never allowed round children again.

Justice for Kamahl needs be served not years or months away its near 5 months already,  and no closer than when it happened for Kamahl to have justice, and closure to rest in peace.

I'm asking for support in to having all that want to deny his justice, be put in custody until they speak, as clearly that's where they belong for withholding vital information for arrests to be made on those who are responsible for his death.

Please help by signing this petition in hope that something can be done to get justice for Kamahl!

If I can be put in jail for driving, surely for lying and not being remorseful for your sons death is enough to make her rot till she speaks?