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Create an " AMNESTY in ALL SPORTS "!

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Currently Cycling Sport is in the midst of a SCANDAL the likes of which reflect on ALL who are involved !

Finger pointing will solve nothing !

A NEW START will be required to ensure the FUTURE for those entering this Sport , but , this is not the ONLY SPORT with a problem involving PED Usage !

Allegations regarding Football , Tennis , Weightlifting and Swimming , amongst many other Sports , have been rife for years .

With so much money flooding into Sport from Sponsors , there appears to be an Apathy amongst Sport Administrators ! " Why fix the " problem " when it is not broken " seems to be their attitude as the money flows !

Doping Products , " PEDs ", are supplied and Distributed by Criminal Elements , they are getting FAT on the efforts of the Athletes . Once on the " doping trail " , some Athletes are " black mailed " into continuing !

ATHLETES , both past and Present , deserve an opportunity to come clean , divest themselves of the GUILT that they carry whilst competing , and into their subsequent sporting career or retirement !

WADA is the only Organisation , that ALL National Governments will respect enough , to allow an " Amnesty Period "! That they will need to set aside their " Doping Legislative Penalties " during the specified period is a necessity . " Double Jeopardy " is preventing many Athletes , past or present , who have passed their " SOL (statute of Limitations )" from making any admissions of Misdeeds .

Grass roots support for Athletes is needed and by signing on to this Petition , you could help sway " John Fahey of WADA " , into deciding on adopting action that he has voiced as worthy of consideration ! John Fahey was an Australian Politician before involvement in WADA , he knows the power of the populace , so join me in action that he will understand !

This AMNESTY is for ATHLETES that indulged in SPORTING FRAUD , not for those Criminal Elements that Supplied and Distributed the products ! Let those that Supplied and Distributed and Blackmailed Athletes , face the future in fear of retribution and reduced income and " Victims "!

ACT TODAY for the future of the next Generation of Sports People !

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