Reopen Rottnest Island to boating.

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Due to the recent easing of social restrictions regarding boating by the WA State government we are asking that the Rottnest Island Closure be reconsidered to allow boating access to Rottnest waters.

As Annual admission holders, Authorised mooring users, Mooring licensees and the general boating public, we feel that the access to Rottnest waters can be safely managed with little to no risk of the spread of Covid 19.

Our proposal is that the access to Rottnest waters be reopened to the boating community with the following considerations.

  • No unauthorised access to the land or jetties/wharves.
  • Strict adherence to the current social distancing / social gathering rules.
  • No rafting of vessels.
  • No disposal of rubbish onshore.
  • The Rottnest Rangers being able to safely monitor the waterways while adhering to social distancing requirements.
  • The agreement & involvement of other groups in relation to marine safety e.g. Water Police, DOT, Search & Rescue groups.
  • All current licencing, fees, and regulations to remain the same as prior to the closure.
  • The $50,000 fine to remain in place for failure to comply.

With the necessary social distancing, regional border closures and travel restrictions that are currently in place, the Perth community now have very limited access to recreation. Activities such as boating form such a large part of our West Australian way of life that we feel that any opportunity to safely reclaim some of that lifestyle must be considered.

If the WA State government or RIA feel that the use of Rottnest waters should remain restricted we ask that a refund/compensation be considered for all paid Annual admission holders and Mooring licensees on a pro rata basis for the period of restriction.

Please help support us by passing this petition on to as many people as possible.