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I am starting a petition to end hidden speed cameras. I don't see how hiding a speed camera slows speeders down.

I go out of my way to pre warn drivers about speed cameras with big and bright signs. Before placing the signs up, I see many drivers get flashed. When the signs are up I see nobody get flashed. It shows that hidden speed cameras don't work and pre warning drivers does.

Shouldn't the main goal to be to try to eliminate speeding in the first place which is safer, rather than catching speeders with covert cameras?

Myself and many others believe that if cameras were not hidden and are clearly displayed with signs beforehand, it will be 99% more effective than hiding them, which in turn, makes the roads that little bit safer.

So please, let's end these revenue raising hidden cameras and make the roads a bit safer. Sign and share this petition. Only you guys can make this happen.