Arming Teachers Is Not a Solution

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As students who attend Mississippi public schools, we feel that arming teachers is not the solution to our country's continued conflict with gun reform. While teachers care for their students, it is ultimately not their responsibility to be our line of defense. A thirteen year study conducted by the FBI revealed that unarmed civilians were more effective at stopping an armed attacker than an armed civilian.  We believe that guns in the classroom make us less safe and could create an anxious environment for students and teachers when no threat is present. 

Mississippi's HB 1083 would give teachers the option to carry a concealed weapon. The solution to our current societal crisis is not spreading more guns. We believe teachers need more resources to effectively educate our next generation and our state needs to enact reasonable reform that includes banning assault rifles. Mississippi has some of the weakest gun laws in the country and we have the highest amount of gun related deaths.

Sign our petition to demand the Mississippi legislature to vote "No" on HB 1083. Our representatives are meant to protect our interests and not cater to special interest groups who will profit from this bill.