Telugu komatis known as Arya Vysyas requesting for VYSYA CORPORATION from Telangana Govt.

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The telugu komatis known as Arya Vysyas today is in the category of Economic Weaker Class and their entire business is effected due to global market changes and also they are deprived of many facilities of govt due to being in non reservation category inspite of being poor.  The vysyas (komatis) are the only community who do welfare for all sections of society from their earned income. There are a lot of people today in this community who are in poverty line.  Today the weaker section of vysyas (komatis) need the support of Telangana Govt. by forming a VYSYA CORPORATION and help the needy komatis (vysyas) for their livelihood, education etc., The need has come today to include the vysya (komati) community in the Economic Weaker Class Section also.  Let us all bring to the knowledge of our Honourable Chief Minister to form VYSYA CORPORATION & include the community in Economic Weaker Class (EWC) category of Telangana.