Direct flights between Nice, France and Palma de Mallorca, Spain throughout the year.

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I work in the yachting industry mostly being based within driving distance of Nice Cote D’azur Airport. However my son lives in Palma de Mallorca. What should be a simple 2 hour flight between Nice Cote D’azur Airport and Palma de Mallorca Airport instead takes the best part of day. There are 48,272 people on the Palma Yacht Crew Facebook group and 38,071 on the Antibes Yacht Crew Facebook group. It’s not just the crew either, when you factor in the ship builders, management companies, agents, brokers, and contractors you begin to see that there is a steady flow of passengers between the two destinations. I propose for one airline, or even better more than one to offer a direct flight service, perhaps by just starting by say leaving Friday evening and returning Sunday evening (both ways), to better link this ever growing community between these two hubs of our industry. At the moment we are forced to transit between either Barcelona, Geneva, Zurich, or even Berlin just to name a few. Further more  far from just serving the yachting community let’s no forget that they are both holiday destinations in there own right. Cannes film festival, cycling in Mallorca, Monaco Grand Prix, skiing in the southern alps in the winter, sunny Mallorca beaches in September without the summer crowds. Surely this warrants a new year round route.

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