Vice President Mike Pence: Support H.Resolution 401 to end the Dog and Cat Meat Trade

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This petition calls on the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, to urge Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, to move to the floor House Resolution 401 which calls for an end to the cruel, barbaric Dog and Cat Meat Trade throughout the world.

As a well-known animal lover, we would like to raise the Vice President's attention to this barbaric practice which flourishes throughout South-East Asia, including China, South Korea and Vietnam. Every year, millions of dogs and cats - many of them stolen pets - are tortured and slaughtered in the most horrific ways imaginable. Far from being a cultural thing that we should steer clear of, it is imperative for the international community to raise objections to something that can no longer hide behind the guise of culture, and must be recognized for what it truly is: cruelty in the extreme. As just one of the millions of dog and cat lovers throughout the United States, Mr. Pence is in a position to bring an end to this vile, heinous practice by making it clear to our counterparts across the world that such barbarity towards companion animals has no place in modern civilization. 

Such cruelty does not just extend to the Trade. Only today, the headmaster of a middle school in China beat a Border Collie to death in front of the children; the dog had followed its owner - one of the pupils - to school and, consequently, the head teacher murdered it in broad daylight. There is no way that any civilized nation can stand by and do nothing while such evil flourishes. Across China, millions of people are outraged by this event; surely we in the international community must do everything we can to help bring such perpetrators to justice? A glaring spotlight on China will help end this cruelty, both within the Trade and outside it.

House Resolution 401 is legislation which urges dog and cat eating nations to end this practice. We appeal to the US Vice President to speak with Kevin McCarthy and Congress, urging them to implement this legislation, hopeful that he will empathize with the millions of animal lovers throughout the world who are desperate for it to end. Please sign and share this petition far and wide.