Voter Request for the Resignation of Moose Jaw City Councillor Brian Swanson

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WHEREAS; There were other egregious errors reportedly committed by Councillor Swanson as Chair of the Moose Jaw Downtown Facility and Field House, (DFFH), it was the removal of personnel files from Mosaic Place to his private residence that was in contravention of Moose Jaw City Bylaw 5530(4.5) 

"Confidentiality, Members of council shall refrain from disclosing or releasing and confidential information acquired by virtue of their office except when required by law or authorized by council to do so. Members shall not take advantage of or obtain private benefit from information that is obtained in the course of or as result of their official duties or position and that is not in the public domain. This includes complying with the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. (LAFOIPP) in their capacity as members of council of a local authority."

WHEREAS: Councillor Swanson was in contravention of Bylaw No. 5425, the Downtown Facility and Soccer/Field-house Facility Bylaw, 2013,
provides in clause 8(g) that the “Board members are subject to the requirements set out in the Code of Ethics Bylaw”. 

We, the Voters of Moose Jaw, petition Councillor Brian Swanson, Councillor for the City of Moose Jaw, that he immediately resign his elected seat based on the above actions.

 I ask that Councillor Swanson step down voluntarily on or before October 15,2018.