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Volvo Car Corporation please manufacture Volvo 480 rear light clusters replacements.

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Volvo 480 was first introduced in 1987 at the Geneva Automobile Show. It meant a breakthrough in Volvo’s history by being the first front wheel driven brand’s car. Among other ahead of it’s time equipation, it featured front pop-up headlights, four seat layout and an iconic hatchback body, somewhere said to be a Volvo P1800ES legacy design.

Many enthusiast owners across Europe struggle to keep their 480 on the roads, not far from any other classic car owner. With lots of spent hours learning about different ways of fixing most of the car’s failures and faults, knowledge spilled by owners on the internet has made a bit easier to find the way and spares to fix our cars. But there’s a dead end when it comes to find replacements for rear ligh plastic clusters for our cars. They’re becoming more and more scarce. Prices of a decent set are ridiculous. It is such a distinctive feature of the car that many of the remaining 480 across Europe will never see restoration due to the unavailability of the mentioned parts. Ours will also eventually be scrapped when our present lights come to their end. It is such a shame that this little big part of Volvo’s history will slowly fade away.

Given the signers below would all be ready to buy this parts for a reasonable price, we gently ask Volvo Car Corporation and / or Skandix AG to consider producing once more replacements for our rear lights.

Help us keep Volvo’s motoring story on the roads. Give assistance to Volvo’s classic cars owners. Show a prestigious car maker can honour his legacy by providing assistance while ensuring clients to stay devoted to the brand.

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