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Spruce Creek High School students treated unfairly by /gender/race/past

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I am personally a witness and a victim of being treated different, different consequnces, and just being looked at different. There is not a day that goes by  where I see students of different races/gender get away with certain things that I know I would be serverly punished for. They profile.I have been charged with felonys for things they have proof that I didnt do. I remember the first day of school an administrater spoke to me, first saying "wassup gangster".how do i respond?..or this other time where i got sent out of class with this other girl of color and we were completely innocent..(.I get asked all the time by white students why do they treat you/ya'll like say i dont know..but deep down I do).....or this time where it was homecoming week and i got dress-coded multiple times by different teachers concequences were given ...its homecoming week..ya i know...but why start with me. Even if you thought I was violating dress code ...there were other students violating...other students who I would point out...and id get told to worry about my self. This list goes on and on where I was unfairly treated ...but not only me hundreds of students. If you dont take my word for it, WATCH! If the adults act this way ..imagine the kids...there was mulitiple times where a white student would tell me if you came to samsula they'd kill you....i guess thats some type of kkk affiliate group...which scares me no bit. But this stuff has been going on for the longest and no one has took a stand. SO THATS WHERE I STEP IN TO SAY WE ARE TIRED OF THE MISTREAT..i should not go home everyday angry and wanting to drop out of school...or having to do something out of the ordinary to relieve my stress. So please if you have witnessed this or is a victim please sign.

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