Marianne Williamson | from Vogue Exclusion to Exclusive !

Marianne Williamson | from Vogue Exclusion to Exclusive !

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Larissa Rose started this petition to Vogue Magazine and

On July 1, Vogue published an article titled 'Madam President? Five Candidates on What It Will Take to Shatter the Most Stubborn Glass Ceiling'.

All 5 candidates included were women. Marianne Williamson, the only other female democratic candidate, was notably excluded due to the dubious explanation that Vogue was focusing on those with background political experience.

This has caused outrage among citizens of the world, & we are calling on Vogue to rectify their exclusion by offering an EXCLUSIVE to Marianne Williamson.

's move towards Presidency in 2020 is of paramount significance to the world. We the People, have endured the corruption of politics & media for far too long, & we now RISE and UNITE for the sake of a sustainable future for all.

Marianne represents hope for a world on the brink of mass extinction. This is no longer a fringe perspective, but one clearly expressed by leading scientists, environmentalists, and those who place PEACE before power.

This is the 11th hour!

For whom shall the bell toll?

As Marianne herself wrote, regarding her recent exclusion from the Vogue article;

'You might have noticed who’s not in this picture. And let’s be clear why it matters: the issue is ethical responsibility on the part of the media. The framers of the Constitution did not make Vogue magazine the gate keepers of America’s political process, here to determine who [is] and who is not to be considered a serious political candidate.

The framers themselves determine the qualifications for the presidency: that someone was born here, is over 35 years old, and has lived here for 14 years. If they had wanted to say more, then they would have. They didn’t say more for a reason: they were leaving it to every generation to determine for itself the skill set it feels is necessary to navigate the times in which they live.

President Franklin Roosevelt said that the “administrative aspects of the presidency are secondary,” and “the primary role is moral leadership.”

If we’re going to free this country to be all that it can be, then first we have to free ourselves from the thought forms dictated to us by a corporate/political/media establishment.

It is the people and the people alone who should decide who will be their president, unburdened by the insidious influence of an elite patrol.

Period. Full stop.' 


Madame President Marianne!
Vote now. Vote love. Big truth!
From excluded to EXCLUSIVE!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!