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Release the full color version of the "One Piece" manga digitally and in print with a more accurate English translation

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"One Piece" is a series with many dedicated fans who would love to see the digitally colored manga from Shueisha released in English by Viz Media.

Additionally many of us believe that a full color release is the perfect opportunity for Viz to amend the older translation and naming inaccuracies from their original release (which could not be corrected in said release due to consistency issues). 

We would greatly appreciate if a new translation for the color manga could be done by Stephen Paul, who is the current translator of "One Piece". We want this as opposed to a full color edition that has recycled the original Viz translation because we feel that many more fans would be interested in buying it if it had a more faithful translation.

Also many of us would be grateful if such a release could be available in print as well as digitally like the full color edition of "Dragon Ball" as many fans prefer printed manga.

We understand that Viz Media might not want any competition between the original version and a possible colored version of the same series. However we would like Viz to consider that many fans are loyalists to the original black and white version, while other fans refuse to buy the original version that was released due to the original translation and then there are fans who would buy both versions.

So we feel that there would not be a negative effect on sales of the original version if a colored version was released because different fans want different products. Also because a possible color version would likely be more expensive.

It would be different enough from the original due to the color and new translation and thus should be less competition than the 3 in 1 release was since that was identical to the regular version. 

So in summary all the fans who have signed this petition did so in an attempt to convince Viz Media to licence the full color version of the "One Piece" manga for both a digital and print release with a new more accurate English translation.

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