Get the Sailor Moon musicals and the live action released on home video outside of Japan

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You may have already heard about the sailor moon musicals nicknamed sera myu and the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon often shortened as PGSM. Well if you live in another country other than Japan then you're pretty much out of luck until now with the sera myu musicals the newest one "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" The Super Live had gotten a preview in Tokyo and in November of 2018 for the first time ever a full version of a musical was performed outside of Asia! It was performed in Paris for Japonismes 2018 and then it was announced the full show would be performed live in AMERICA! Where in America you ask Washington DC and NYC tickets have already gone on sale and even though I don't live in the US I got my ticket and am flying for the show in DC! Anyway, though there are people who can't just take a trip to DC or NYC and then you have the fansubs which are amazing but in 2018 a subbing group for the musicals was asked to take down their subs of Petite Etrangere, Un Nouveau Voyage, Amour Eternal and Le Mouvement Final after Le Mouvement Final had a brief release in theatres in a few countries! They also had subs for the live action which are luckily still up there is only one other English subtitling group for the musicals and live action and who knows if they will be asked to take those down after the American performance of this new musical anyways we need streaming or physicals DVDs or Blu-rays of both the live action which is honestly amazing it may seem cheesy at first but I bet you will love it at the end the same thing with the musicals. So please release them I know Bandai has announced their shutting down sailor moon drops so this is one way for them to keep us distracted! Well, thanks for reading and please share!!!!!!!!!!!!