VISD students to be able to wear Sweatpant/Joggers!

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First and for most, Students as a individual. I believe, that a student should not be sent to ISS for wanting to wear something warm and comfortable class. Sweat pants and Joggers are popular among teens In middle school & high school. Mostly for their low cost and styled look, especially to keep themselves warm during cold weather. I personally have gotten into trouble for attending school wearing joggers because it was freezing that morning. I went to my 1st class and received a dress code referral. They ISS staff asked me if I had anyone to call for jeans, I did, but my mother is a single parent working full time everyday. And I live a bit away from West High School. So it would be hard for my mom to have to waste gas on just bring a single pair of jeans. I want to change this rule and make it to where students of VISD (grade 6-12th) will be able to wear sweat pants and joggers. I, Jeremiah L. Eernisse, will go up to the VISD Board of Education.On the following up meeting to discuss my movement to make it where us students will be able to wear sweatpants and Joggers, Thank you!