The resignation request of Dr. Hakim Lucas and Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson.

The resignation request of Dr. Hakim Lucas and Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson.

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Friends and Family of Virginia Union University started this petition to Virginia Union University students alumni and friends

In the best interest of Virginia Union University, the immediate resignations of the following are requested:

  • Dr. Hakim J. Lucas, VUU President
  • Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
  • All other hires affiliated with Dr. Lucas from Bethune-Cookman University (BCU).
  • An independent forensic financial audit with vendor selection by a blind bidding process.

The following are our areas of concern:

  • The credibility and reputation of President Hakim J. Lucas in light of the (164 Page lawsuit which is attached) and his track record of financial irregularities and mismanagement while employed at BCU which is reemerging at Virginia Union University.

Board of Trustees

  • The Board of Trustees of Virginia Union University should investigate and address all suspicious hires/hiring by W. Franklyn Richardson and Hakim J. Lucas and practices which threaten the reputation, financial stability, and existence of Virginia Union University. 
  • The relationship between the VUU President, Dr. Lucas and the VUU Board of Trustee Chairman, Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson is long-standing and personal. 
  • Chairman Richardson did not disclose his relationship with Dr. Lucas to the entirety of the Board of Trustees.
  • Chairman Richardson did not recuse himself from the hiring process.
  • Chairman Richardson has been using VUU as a job placement service for family and friends for years.
  • Falsified formal reports have been presented at Trustee Board Meetings with padded enrollment numbers. 
  • Prior to official Board of Trustees Meetings, staff was instructed to either delete, alter and or leave out accurate enrollment numbers.
  • It was falsely reported that the number of students entering the university in Fall 2018 was 1,300. 
  • It should have been factually reported that the Enrollment Management Team brought in approximately 116 students. 

Federal Financial Aid Disbursements Withheld

  • Funds were dispersed to Virginia Union University by the Federal Government in August 2018. 
  • As of this date, the majority of graduate students have not received financial aid disbursements. 
  • Undergraduate financial aid recipients received partial refunds last week. The university told the undergraduates they would receive the remaining balance of their refund checks upon their return in January 2019. 

Housing Conditions

  • There is active black mold in campus dormitories. 

Personnel Changes

  • The current President of VUU has significantly reduced the number of faculty with terminal degrees and replaced them with adjunct faculty. Adjuncts now comprise the majority of the faculty – which jeopardizes accreditation of the entire university.
  • The School of Theology has lost six (6) critical administrative staff members out of a total of 12. 
  • Dr. Lucas has prohibited Dean Walker from filling those critical positions. 
  • The excuse given was a hiring freeze, but at the same time, Dr. Lucas has hired numerous people from his lawsuit inspiring time at Bethune Cookman and Florida. Some of whom, lack the appropriate credentials for the position(s) employed. 

The Dean of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology (STVU) position has been fundamentally changed 

  • The Dean of STVU is a direct report of the university president, Dr. Hakim Lucas. The position of Dean of the school of theology should not be downgraded to report to the provost of the university. 
  • Monies awarded to the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology should be utilized and managed for the purposes designated by the funding entities. Dr. Lucas should not redirect those funds. 
  • The Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology is a school, not a department. 

Alumni Giving and Partnerships

  • Given these points, we fully recognize that Dr. Lucas’s past and present administrative decisions have not only placed Bethune Cookman at risk of financial dire straits but is now placing VUU in the same position. Alumni giving is down primarily due to the concerns of alumni about Lucas’s credibility, integrity, and unethical behavior. 

The members for the Board of Trustees for Virginia Union University need to conduct a thorough investigation regarding these heinous concerns that impact the sustainability of our institution. It is demanded that VUU president Dr. Hakim J. Lucas, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, and all others affiliated with Bethune-Cookman University, who are now employed with VUU, immediately submit their resignation per Article VII of “The Faculty Handbook,” which reference “Robert’s Rules of Orders - Resignation”.

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