Vote for the Moss/Abbott/Dyer Budget Alternative

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Virginia Beach City Manager is proposing the FY 2018-2019 budget, it includes a tax and fee increase of 2.1% (or $4298 annual per family of 4). It also does not do enough to address the cities backlog of flood projects, nor does it fund the pay compression issues of our emergency service professionals.

Councilmembers Moss, Abbott, and Dyer have drafted an alternative budget proposal which does the following:

  1. The Real Estate Tax Rate will be held at $1.0025 per $100 assessed
  2. No increase to the Stormwater Fee
  3. No personal property tax increase
  4. No cigarette tax increase
  5. No local vehicle tax increase
  6. No trash fee increase
  7. Funds additional $3.57 Million in flood prevention projects
  8. Funds $6 Million to Emergency Service Professional's pay compression

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