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ST. JOHN, VIRGIN ISLANDS (January 14, 2020) -- Lime Out, the floating taco restaurant located in Round Bay on the East End of St. John, seeks the support of the Virgin Islands public after being denied a mooring permit. Lime Out opened in March 2019 and has since garnered an impressive following, brought an immense amount of positive press to the Virgin Islands via millions of media impressions, as well as offering a unique attraction and destination in local waters. The business is at risk of closing, as at this time, there is no precedent for a business located on the water within an area where moorings do not currently exist. 

Prior to opening last year, Lime Out received its business license, anchoring permit, fire inspection, health inspection, and all business paperwork and licensing necessary to conduct business. Lime Out is currently working with various government agencies in an appeal process to come up with a permanent, viable solution .  Given that no precedent has been set for floating businesses in the USVI, Lime Out understands the need for legislation and regulation and prides itself as setting a positive example for the type of responsible business conduct that Virgin Islands entrepreneurs should uphold. Lime Out is in support of legislation that promotes responsible business and ensures that Lime Out and any similar future business ventures abide by the law and protect the Virgin Islands now and for years to come. 

Lime Out, which is owned and operated by life-long residents of St. John, is sustainable and environmentally conscious, supports other local businesses and provides a unique experience that can be found few other places in the world.  With re-usable cups and biodegradable containers, they strive for a zero-plastic and low-waste operation. This, combined with being entirely solar-powered, makes the boat self-sustaining and low impact. In many ways, Lime Out leads in sustainability practices. In addition, the heavy-duty kitchen prep, cleaning, and refuse, is all handled at their sister location in Cruz Bay. 

Lime Out encourages visiting and local families to remain in USVI waters by creating an unparalleled destination and creative lunch spot accessible by water. This initiative has helped charter boat captains to show guests recreation options available in local waters, kept tourism dollars in the USVI as opposed to sending them to the BVI, as well as encouraging international tourists to come to our waters. The Lime Out also supports community initiatives and encourages guests and mariners to be mindful of the environment, bringing attention to sustainability and responsible enjoyment. 

The far-reaching popularity and support for Lime Out to date has been enormous, demonstrating the public desire for this innovative business. If you are interested in sharing your support for Lime Out, the owners urge the public to please contact them to share a letter of support.  These letters will be gathered and presented to the Legislature of the Virgin Islands in an effort to allow Lime Out to remain open and continue to serve the boating community and visitors and locals alike.\For more information on Lime Out, please contact Chelsea Baranowski at You can also view information about Lime Out’s economic impact, environmental sustainability, location and more via a presentation accessible at